Fani Willis Broke the Law, May Now Face A Criminal Investigation

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Fulton County, Ga., District Attorney Fani Willis’s case against Trump may be imploding, and she may end up being the subject of a criminal investigation herself. 


On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) filed a formal complaint urging an investigation into Willis. 

"I write today to express my serious concerns about alleged criminal misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her staff,” she wrote in a letter to Governor Kemp and Attorney General Carr.

Willis is accused of having an affair with a special prosecutor she hired for her investigation of Donald Trump.

As PJ Media’s Athena Thorne noted earlier this week, the affair alone is "enough to disqualify both Willis and Wade from pursuing the case,” but "the pair are alleged to have made plenty of other missteps in their power-mad pig-pile on the former president.” Perhaps the biggest revelation is the improper coordination between Willis’s office and the White House. 

Greene's letter continued:

As detailed in Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s 127-page motion to dismiss the criminal indictment, Fani Willis faces serious allegations that she illegally hired her secret boyfriend–Nathan Wade, who has never tried a felony case–as her special prosecutor to bring an unprecedented, complex, and partisan felony RICO prosecution against President Trump–the leading presidential contender for 2024–along with 18 co-defendants.

Despite this obviously illegal conflict of interest, Fani Willis has allegedly paid Nathan Wade–her secret boyfriend and special Trump prosecutor–nearly $700,000 in official funds. This includes a multitude of vague block billings for 8 hours—and as a lawyer publicized, even one billing for 24 hours on a single day, with the vague description “[p]repared cases for pre trial.” And Fani Willis may have received illegal kickbacks, including lavish domestic and international trips provided by Nathan Wade, from these misappropriated government funds. According to Nathan Wade’s invoices submitted to the Fulton County DA’s office, Fani Willis even used taxpayer funds to pay Nathan Wade for two trips to coordinate with President Biden’s White House staff before bringing her unprecedented indictment of President Trump, Biden’s chief political rival in 2024.


 "This is part of Fani Willis’ unlawful partisan pattern, through her words and deeds, to illegally politicize and weaponize her public office to wage lawfare against President Trump for the purpose of interfering in the 2024 presidential election,” Greene continued. "And now we are learning she has allegedly enriched her secret boyfriend and herself during this process.”

If proven true, these actions reflect Fani Willis’ serious lawlessness, including potential violation of public oath (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-1), bribery (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-2), improper influence of a government official (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-5), criminal conspiracy (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-4-8), conspiracy to defraud government (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-21), racketeering (Ga. Code Ann., §§ 16-14-1 through 12), false statements and concealment (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-20), Fulton County’s gift ban (Fulton County Code of Laws § 2-69(a)), and similar Georgia public-corruption crimes.

"Georgians are sick and tired of Fani using her office to go after Joe Biden’s top political opponent rather than going after real crime in Georgia,” Greene said in a post on X/Twitter.

"You had a very big event yesterday, as you saw in Georgia, where the district attorney is totally compromised. The case has to be dropped,” Donald Trump said Tuesday. "They went after 18 or 20 people... She was out of her mind. Now it turns out that case is totally compromised."


"It’s illegal. What she did is illegal. So we’ll let the state handle that, but what a sad situation it is," he added.

Politico also reported Wednesday that Fani Willis colluded with the partisan January 6 Committee to get insight into how to help her effort against Trump and went to extraordinary lengths to cover up those efforts.

Mike Davis, the former chief counsel for nominations to former Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, wrote on Twitter/X that Greene’s criminal referral "could be the silver bullet ending Fani Willis' case against Trump."



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