The White House Is Terrified of This Impeachment Inquiry

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I think the White House is panicking about this impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. I would be too, considering the amount of evidence that the House Oversight Committee has managed to uncover. It’s been enough to convince a majority of Americans that Hunter Biden profited from selling influence to his father and that Biden “likely” accepted bribes.

But would the Republicans ever actually impeach Biden? Lord knows they did nothing when Barack Obama committed his crimes and violated the Constitution. They may have been afraid of the optics of “impeaching the first black president,” but I still say Barack Obama committed impeachable offenses and Republicans did little to hold him accountable.

As such, I’ve long had my doubts that Republicans would impeach Joe Biden or even take any serious step towards doing so. Further, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has long been skittish about impeachment, and despite some basic lip service about doing it only when there was a rock-solid case, I was never really convinced he was truly on board.

I suspect the White House probably never thought so either. But in recent weeks it was looking increasingly likely, and the White House planned to launch a war room to counter a potential inquiry. But I suspect deep down they never expected the GOP to go forward with it, and now they’re getting desperate.

As PJM’s Athena Thorne previously reported, the White House is literally calling on the media to scrutinize the impeachment inquiry. What’s hilarious about this is that the mainstream media was going to do that anyway. In fact, they already were.

For weeks, the mainstream media has been poopooing the evidence uncovered by the House Oversight Committee, calling their findings, investigations, and even eyewitness testimony “a bust.” When Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer testified behind closed doors, just one Democrat, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) participated, and he falsely claimed that Hunter put his father on roughly 20 phone calls with his foreign business associates to sell “the illusion of access.”

The media echoed Goldman’s interpretation of the testimony, even after Archer debunked that characterization in an interview with Tucker Carlson, and the transcript of the testimony made it very clear that Joe Biden was put on the phone to sell the Biden brand, which was critical to the business.

Even recent stories about the impeachment inquiry have all inserted the same talking points you’d expect the White House to provide. For example, the New York Times claimed, “Republicans have found no evidence of financial wrongdoing or corruption by the president, but said they have received enough information to warrant more investigation,” while at least one reporter pushed the idea that this inquiry is just “political revenge for the impeachment of Donald Trump.”

From where I sit, the media was already doing exactly what the White House is now calling on it to do. Why would outlets do that if they didn’t feel the situation was dire? Considering the evidence — the financial records, shell companies, FBI informant, eyewitness testimony, and everything else — you almost can’t blame them for feeling like they have to respond to this with a coordinated “attack the messenger” strategy because they can’t dispute the facts.



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