Is 'Climate Change' the New 'Race Card’?

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

I dare say that for as long as I’ve been politically active, I’ve been accused of being racist. The left would rather accuse a conservative of being racist than debate the facts. In recent years, accusations of racism have often evolved to accusations of white supremacy — a label that the left has even given to black conservatives for not staying on the liberal plantation, where Democrats insist they belong in order to be authentically black.

“if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Joe Biden infamously said during the 2020 presidential campaign. It’s hard to imagine anything more insulting than an old white guy with a history of making racist comments telling black people that if they don’t vote for him, they’re not really black. But this is how the left operates: black people who don’t vote Democrat aren’t authentically black, and everyone leftists disagree with is racist.

Frankly, this strategy isn’t limited to accusations of racism. In 2022, when John Fetterman refused to drop out of the Senate race after his stroke and displayed cognitive impairments on the campaign trail and during his one debate, the left tried to shame anyone who dared question his ability to serve in the Senate as being “ableist.”

Of course, upon taking office, Fetterman served a few short weeks before having issues that ultimately led to him checking himself into Walter Reed Medical Center for clinical depression, leaving his state short a senator for an extended period of time while the media desperately tried to portray him as a hero. His return to the Senate, with his disastrous attempt at running a subcommittee meeting and his nearly unintelligible questioning of expert witnesses during hearings, has only proven that he is not fit to serve.

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The left doesn’t stop with accusing people of being evil or insensitive in order to get its way. As we’ve seen for some time now, leftists instinctually blame every heat wave, hurricane, flood, or wildfire on climate change. The wildfires in Hawaii, for example, appear to have been caused by outdated power lines generating sparks and igniting grass, but that’s not stopping the left from wanting to blame climate change.

According to reports, Hawaiian Electric has known since 2019 that it needed to upgrade its electrical infrastructure, and the state has been extremely lax in its wildfire prevention. But Gov. Josh Green (D-Hawaii) has to blame climate change.

“I don’t know personally whether or not the power lines were the primary reason the fire occurred. That’s why I asked for a comprehensive review,” he said in an interview on “Face The Nation” on CBS News. “We have to ask the question on every level of how any one city, county, [or] state could have done better and the private sector. This is the world that we live in now.”

He added, “In this case, and I’ve seen footage of it from some of the survivors, I’ve seen footage of how it looked during the fire and how things were exploding and what the fierce winds looked like. They were 80 miles per hour gusting and the fire, I’m now told, was as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It just destroyed everything. It’s not to excuse anything else from any company. It’s just to explain what the world should prepare for and I humbly asked all of the cities and states to spend that money now to prevent disasters like we are seeing here.”

“So just to be clear, when you’re talking about global warming, are you saying that climate change amplified the cost of human error?” host Margaret Brennan asked.

“Yes, it did,” he responded.

It did not. But since when does the truth matter? The narrative the left is pushing is that “climate change” caused this disaster, and there’s even a push to get Biden to declare a national climate emergency.

Democrats can’t use facts to support their agenda; they have to emotionally blackmail people to join their cause. That’s what’s happening now. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle that divides our country without doing a thing to solve the nation’s problems.


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