I Don’t Care Who You’re Backing in the GOP Primary, Don’t Pull This Crap

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Bill Mitchell, one of Ron DeSantis’s top online influencers, is threatening to mobilize fellow DeSantis supporters to help Joe Biden win the 2024 election if Trump is the nominee.


“Here’s the plan. If Trump keeps being a prick to DeSantis and wins the nomination, DeSantis supporters should organize to write in DeSantis in the General. We’ll vote straight red down ballot to make sure we control Congress to keep Biden in check for 4 more years,” Mitchell posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “But Trump will NEVER be president again.”

One user called out Mitchell for having backtracked on his pledge to support any Republican who might win the nomination.

“I changed my mind,” Mitchell explained.

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According to a report from Breitbart, Mitchell gained a huge following on Twitter in 2016 by being a vocal Trump supporter but shifted his allegiance from Trump to DeSantis for the 2024 cycle.


Mitchell’s plan to thwart Trump in the general election appears to be aligned with his pledge to “work with every ounce of my being to help Gov. DeSantis win the nomination and the presidency,” as he claimed when he announced his support for the Florida governor.

Former Trump campaign official Kaelan Dorr criticized DeSantis over Mitchell’s remarks, telling Breitbart News “It’s a really bad strategy on the Ron camp’s part to elevate these surrogates and rewarding them with interviews.”

“It should come as no surprise that Bill Mitchell, who is only notable for changing his mind and taking people’s money for a fictitious ‘studio,’ has changed his mind and has made it his sole purpose to stop a Republican from being President,” Dorr added. “You’ve heard of ‘3D chess,’ before – Bill and other “influencers” simping for this outcome are only capable of calculus that is the equivalent of 0.5D Chess”

As someone who has voted for Trump twice but is currently planning to vote for DeSantis, I have to go on record saying that Mitchell’s plan is a terrible idea. Frankly, it sounds like something Trump supporters would do.


Trump is the one who won’t sign a GOP loyalty pledge. DeSantis has. While one could argue that voting Republican down ballot would be an effective strategy to keep Biden in check for a second term, let’s not forget that Joe Biden has modeled his presidency after Barack Obama’s, and Obama never let constitutional checks and balances get in the way of his agenda. So a Republican Congress may put the brakes on legislation and judicial confirmations, but it won’t stop executive actions.

Primaries are brutal, and I hate the way our party attacks itself from within. But when the process is over, it’s the time to unite to defeat the radical left. Whether the nominee is Trump, DeSantis, or someone else, I’m voting Republican to save our country.



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