Oversight Committee Releases Bank Records Proving Hunter Received $20M From Russian and Ukrainian Oligarchs

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On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee released bank records proving that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in payments from Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh oligarchs. The payments totaled more than $20 million.


House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) released a memo presenting redacted bank records indicating that Hunter Biden and his business associates received millions from Russian and Kazakhstani oligarchs while Joe Biden was vice president. The memo highlights payments from Burisma Holdings, Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina, and Kazakhstani businessman Kenes Rakishev, along with mentions of Vice President Biden attending dinners with them.

“During Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden sold him as ‘the brand’ to reap millions from oligarchs in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. It appears no real services were provided other than access to the Biden network, including Joe Biden himself. And Hunter Biden seems to have delivered. This is made clear by meals at Café Milano where then-Vice President Joe Biden dined with oligarchs from around the world who had sent money to his son,” Comer said in a press release.

“It’s clear Joe Biden knew about his son’s business dealings and allowed himself to be ‘the brand’ sold to enrich the Biden family while he was Vice President of the United States,” the released continued. “The House Oversight Committee will continue to follow the money trail and obtain witness testimony to determine whether foreign actors targeted the Bidens, President Biden is compromised or corrupt, and our national security is threatened.”


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According to the memo, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer used Rosemont Seneca entities to receive “incremental payments originating from foreign sources” in an effort to hide their origins and the size of the payments. Payments included a $3.5 million payment from a Russian oligarch in February 2014 to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, one of the Biden shell companies. In April of that year, a Kazakhstani account wired $142,300 to Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which happened to be the exact amount Hunter Biden paid for a sportscar.

Joe Biden has long insisted that he had no contact with his son about his business dealings; however, recent testimony by Devon Archer to the House Oversight Committee indicated that then-Vice President Joe Biden was crucial to Hunter’s business dealings, and now both the White House and congressional Democrats are beginning to concede key details, such as admitting that Joe did speak with Hunter about his business and that Hunter Biden was wiring money to family members via shell corporations.

Read the entire memo below:

Third Bank Records Memorand… by James Lynch


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