Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Court in Paternity Case

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The ink is barely dry on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announcement on Tuesday, and it’s being reported that his son Hunter Biden has been ordered to appear in court.


According to a court order entered on Monday in the Circuit Court of Independence County, Hunter Biden has been summoned to appear in person in Batesville, Ark., on May 1 to address a paternity case involving his 4-year-old child. The order was posted on the court website on Tuesday.

Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled during a Zoom hearing on Monday that Joe Biden and Lunden Roberts, the mother of 4-year-old Navy Jones Roberts, must now attend all proceedings in person instead of just sending their attorneys. According to reports, Meyer stated, “From now on … I want both of your clients at every hearing I conduct. I will no longer allow us to excuse clients … because it is interfering with the progress of litigation, which is taking way too long to get over simple points.”

In addition, Meyer questioned the statements made by Biden’s attorney, Brent Langdon, regarding the laptop that Hunter left at a computer repair shop in Delaware. Langdon referred to Garrett Ziegler as a potential expert witness for the case involving the contents of a laptop that reportedly contains some of Hunter Biden’s income-tax records. However, Langdon began his statement by falsely claiming that there has never been any acknowledgment that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden. The New York Times confirmed the laptop’s authenticity last year, as did CBS News, The Washington Post, and other outlets. The owner of the computer repair shop also had a signed invoice.


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Judge Meyer then asked Langdon to clarify the ownership of the laptop, to which Langdon responded that he was not involved in that aspect of the case and was unaware of the laptop’s ownership. The judge emphasized that she holds clients responsible for their lawyers’ statements in court and asked Langdon if he was representing his client’s position that the laptop did not belong to him. Langdon could not provide a clear answer and stated that he was “not in a position to even begin to answer that question.”

Judge Meyer declared Biden the father of “Baby Doe” with near scientific certainty in January 2020 following a DNA test. A paternity suit was filed in May 2019, and temporary child support was agreed upon. Biden and Roberts settled the case in March 2020, but it was reopened when he requested a reduction of his child support payments.

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