BOMBSHELL: White House Misled Public About FBI Search of Penn Biden Center

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The ongoing scandal involving Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents continues to get worse. Despite repeated claims of cooperation and transparency, sources close to the investigation reveal that the FBI conducted a search of the Penn Biden Center back in November.


This is a detail that neither the White House nor the Department of Justice had revealed before.

“The FBI searched the Penn Biden Center offices in mid-November, according to two sources familiar with the investigation, after lawyers for President Biden had found about 10 documents marked classified there on Nov. 2. The material originated from Mr. Biden’s time as vice president,” CBS News reports. “It is not clear whether FBI personnel found any additional classified or presidential material during the mid-November sweep.”

“The FBI search of the think tank was not previously disclosed by the White House, Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys, or the Department of Justice,” the report notes. “A Jan. 14 statement from the president’s personal attorney Bob Bauer referred to the government conducting ‘its inquiry, including taking possession of any documents and reviewing any surrounding material for further review and context.'”

The White House previously misled the public when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the search of Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home had been completed when the search was still underway.

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“We are being fully cooperative with the Department of Justice throughout this process, as part of the President’s lawyers look through the places where documents could have been stored and the Counsel’s Office released, as you said, a statement explaining that,” Jean-Pierre said during the January 12 press briefing. “But that search was completed last night. And now, this is in the hands of the Justice Department.”


But, in reality, the search continued the following day, during which more documents were found.

So why not reveal the FBI search of the Penn Biden Center? It’s a good question, just like the question of why it took more than two months for the public even to learn that classified documents had been found there in the first place. The obvious answer to both of these questions is that the White House was not expecting this situation to be made public at all. It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that the leak of the story blindsided the White House, that they’ve been struggling to contain it ever since, and that they’ve been doing everything possible to cover up whatever they can.


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