Still Need Proof of LGBT Grooming in Schools?

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According to Wikipedia, “LGBT grooming” is a conspiracy theory perpetuated by “the far right.”

“Since the early 2020s, conservatives and members of the far-right, mostly in the United States, have falsely accused LGBT people, as well as their allies and progressives in general, of systematically using LGBT-positive education and campaigns for LGBT rights as a method of child grooming,” claims Wikipedia. “These accusations and conspiracy theories are characterized by experts as baseless, homophobic and transphobic, and as examples of moral panic.”


Except, they’re not baseless at all. We’ve been reporting on LGBT child grooming for some time now at PJ Media, and we know it’s not a conspiracy theory. The reason why the radical left opposes the use of the word “groomer” when we discuss Drag Queen Story Hours, transgender closets, and porn in school libraries is because the word is accurate. They don’t want us to believe that it’s happening, but it is.

The latest story comes out of Portland, Maine, where a male middle school substitute teacher who identifies as transgender intentionally shared his highly sexualized TikTok account with sixth-grade students.

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According to a report from Reduxx, Chris “Lydia” Lamere “wrote his TikTok handle on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom and encouraged students to ‘check it out.'” Students proceeded to visit his page and started circulating his videos, which were suggestive and sexual in nature.

We know this is not an isolated incident. Stuff like this is happening across the country, and yet, the liberal media and big tech want to pretend that LGBT grooming is a conspiracy we just made up. It would be nice if it were made up. It would be nice not to have to worry about whether degenerates are deliberately exposing our kids to sexual content or trying to recruit them into the trans cult. According to a report from The Maine Wire, the local NBC News affiliate covered for Lamere by falsely reporting that students just happened to “discover” his TikTok account. So, not only are groomers infiltrating public schools, but the media is actually refusing to tell the real story.


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