The Left Will Never Stop Going After Trump… or Any Republican in Their Way

(AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)

On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced a major civil lawsuit against the Trump Organization, former President Donald Trump, and his three adult children, over alleged fraud.

Even former attorney general Bill Barr saw through Letitia James’ lawsuit, calling it a “political hit job” during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, citing James’ past history of campaigning on going after Trump.

“It’s hard for me not to conclude it’s a political hit job,” Barr said, “and this is a woman who campaigned for office saying promising she was going to go after Trump, which I think is a tremendous abuse of office to go head hunting and targeting individuals. So I think she was targeting Trump, and this is after three years—a civil lawsuit, the gist of which is when the Trump organization borrowed money, Trump personally guaranteed those loans.”

Barr makes an excellent point. The announcement of the lawsuit comes not only so close to the midterm elections, but soon after a new Trafalgar poll found Letitia James’ Republican challenger, Michael Henry, narrowly beating her. She has a campaign promise to fulfill, and are we really expected to believe the timing of this lawsuit wasn’t politically motivated? CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig even admitted last month that the investigation was politicized.

“I think it’s worth noting here … Letitia James has politicized this investigation. She campaigned on ‘vote for me and I’ll nail Donald Trump.’ She had fundraised on it so that is not a ridiculous fear for him to have,” Honig said last month.

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Barr also doubted whether James even has much of a case. “I’m not even sure she has a good case against Trump himself, but what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this. Yes, they had roles in the business, but this was his personal financial statement, it was prepared by the CFO, accounting firms were involved in it,” he said. “This looks to me like gross overreach, which I think is going to end up backfiring on them. I think it will make people sympathetic for Trump, another example of people piling on because of Trump derangement syndrome, you know, the strong entire to punish him.”

This investigation is only the latest in a long line of efforts by unhinged leftists to go after and stop Trump. From the Russian collusion hoax, to the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, to now this, there’s no doubt the left will never stop trying to stop Trump. Even after the Russian collusion hoax failed miserably, they didn’t concede defeat, they just kept on fishing for crimes.  In their minds, they are morally obligated to stop him, even at the expense of a fair and objective system of justice. Democrats have long established that they are willing to abuse their powers and weaponize the government against their political enemies.

And it won’t stop with Trump either. Since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shipped off 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, leftists have been threatening him with legal action, too. It won’t go anywhere, but it tells you that they will always play dirty if it means they might tarnish a Republican who is a threat to their power.



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