Trump Warns MAGA Opponents That They Have Awakened a ‘Sleeping Giant’

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

On Saturday, at a rally for Republican Senate candidate JD Vance in Youngstown, Ohio, former President Donald Trump issued a dire warning to his political adversaries.


Trump blasted the “thugs and tyrants” attacking the Make America Great Again movement, declaring that they “have no idea of the sleeping giant they have awoken.”

“The radical Democrats view 75 million Americans as enemies to be canceled and suppressed. Ain’t going to happen,” he said. “They want to censor you from the internet, banish you from the public square, get you fired from your jobs, target you for destruction with 87,000 new IRS agents — we’ve been fighting that, we’ve been fighting them — use the FBI to spy on patriotic parents and criminalize political dissent as if we were a Third World country, a Third World dictatorship.”

Trump continued, “But the thugs and tyrants attacking our movement — and there’s never been a movement even close in the history of the United States — have no idea of the sleeping giant that they have awoken.”


Trump’s warning comes in the wake of the FBI’s unprecedented raid on his home in Florida and reports that the FBI has been conducting raids on the homes of his supporters without justification.


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