WHOA: Trump Says the FBI Stole Something Very Personal When They Raided His Home

AP Photo/Morry Gash

The inventory of items taken by the FBI during their unprecedented raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home week included mostly boxes of documents, allegedly classified and even top secret. But according to Trump, they took something else that apparently was not on the property receipt.


In a post on Truth Social, President Trump claims that agents “stole my three Passports”:

If this is true, why would they do this? Does the FBI consider Trump a “flight risk”? He hasn’t even been charged with a crime, and Trump has long insisted that the documents at the center of this raid were all previously declassified, so he obviously doesn’t believe he has committed a crime.

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The warrant and the property receipt were both released on Friday. Here’s what was listed on the property receipt

  • documents
  • boxes
  • executive grant of clemency for Roger Stone
  • info re: the president of France
  • leatherbound box of documents
  • various classified/TS/SCI documents
  • potential presidential record
  • binders of photos
  • handwritten note
  • miscellaneous secret documents
  • miscellaneous top secret documents
  • miscellaneous confidential documents

Do you see passports on there? I don’t. Granted, it’s possible they could have been in one of the boxes listed above, or they could have been found during the raid, and since the warrant was quite broad in scope, they could have found them anywhere.

Every day it feels as though we have new questions about this raid, not more answers.


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