The Horrible Secret of Gender Transition Surgery the LGBTQ Cult Wants to Hide

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

If you don’t believe that men can become women or vice versa, you’re immediately dubbed a bigot by the radical left. If you’ve been reading PJ Media long enough, you know how I feel on the subject, and you can imagine what the LGBTQ cult must think of me.

Preferred pronouns? I won’t use them. Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner is a man. Ellen “Elliot” Page is a woman. Will “Lia” Thomas is a man.

These are facts, and I’m not afraid to speak them, and I’ll always speak out about the dangers of transgender ideology. According to the LGBTQ cult, hormone treatments are perfectly safe, and gender transition surgeries are routine. If you’re gender dysphoric, they say this so-called gender-affirming care can allow transgender people to live life as their authentic selves.

Except they can’t. They’re illusions—and dangerous ones at that.

As “Scott” Newgent explains in a piece for the Daily Wire, gender transition surgery is anything but routine. Still, it’s all the rage and a big money maker–and virtually any surgeon can now offer the procedure. “Doctors looking to expand their horizons can essentially make a trip to the local OfficeMax and have a sign made saying, ‘Transgender Surgeon,’ hang it on the door, and – poof! – the transgender craze will supply them with a line of patients begging for surgery,” Newgent explains. “Instantly, they have insurance companies approving $50,000 procedures with profit margins mirroring brain surgery – no questions asked.”

Why no questions asked? Because, Newgent explains, “these surgeons have the LGBTQ Force Shield to protect them from any criticism as well as an army of activists to rationalize any negative publicity as ‘transphobia.'”

But, as she explains from her experience, these surgeries have a significantly high risk of complications. As such, many top-rated surgeons won’t perform them. “And as I experienced, many of the doctors taking part in these surgeries are content to ignore the complications associated with them as long as the money keeps coming in.”

She describes the nature of her complication in gruesome detail, such as waking up on the bathroom floor soaked with blood and urine after having passed out from intense pain.”I had passed out again from the pain of having six inches of bacteria infected hair on the inside of my urethra. This time, the infection was so severe that I had a silicon tube placed in my arm to deliver IV antibiotics,” she explains. “Every morning I awoke to the pain. It took everything I had to get dressed for work, hobble to my car, enter the hospital, and receive my IV antibiotics. Survival itself became a struggle.”

Yeah, I bet that isn’t on the brochure. I bet few doctors warn patients about this, whether they are children or adults like Newgent. The transgender cult wants the public to believe that hormones and body mutilation solve the problems of people suffering from gender dysphoria. They don’t want people to know the risks or the potential side effects. You’re barely even allowed to point out that such things are possible because you could be dubbed “transphobic.”

These are stories that need to be told. But unfortunately, there’s a movement out there anxious to condemn children to a life of pain and suffering because someone brainwashed them into thinking they were born in the wrong body.



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