Does Anyone Really Believe in This Transgender Stuff?

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But really, does anyone honestly believe that men can become women or vice-versa? Honestly, I would say that while there are plenty of people who claim to be LGBT allies and just love to virtue-signal their tolerance with pride flags, masks, and stickers, only a tiny fraction of them genuinely believe that “men can get pregnant” or that “trans women are women,” etc.


The problem is that the left controls pop culture, and when the left decides what’s bigoted and what’s not, the label can easily be used against you and destroy your career.

But there are some in the left-wing pop culture ecosystem who are refusing to endorse this crap, even daring to make fun of it without fear.

Dave Chappelle has taken a lot of heat for mocking transgenderism in his act and most recently offended the delicate sensibilities of the trans movement by joking that the man who attacked him earlier this month used “a gun that identifies as a knife.”

And then there’s Ricky Gervais, whose new Netflix special has the LGBTQ mob in a hissy fit for including “transphobic” jokes.

“The old-fashioned women, the ones with wombs. Those f—ing dinosaurs,” Gervais’s bit began. “I love the new women. They’re great, aren’t they? The new ones we’ve been seeing lately. The ones with beards and c—s. They’re as good as gold, I love them.”

“And now the old-fashioned ones say, ‘Oh, they want to use our toilets.’ ‘Why shouldn’t they use your toilets?’ ‘For ladies!’ ‘They are ladies—look at their pronouns! What about this person isn’t a lady?’ ‘Well, his penis.’ ‘Her penis, you f—ing bigot!’ ‘What if he rapes me?’ ‘What if she rapes you, you f—ing TERF whore?’”

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And then there’s comedian Bill Burr, who mocked transgender mania during a recent episode of his podcast.


“What do you mean, men can get pregnant? What the f— are they talking about?” Burr asked. “As a lefty, I don’t understand.”

Burr might be on the left, but he’s been of the few brave ones to speak out about his side. He blasted the decision by Disney to fire his former co-star on The Mandalorian, Gina Carano, saying it was not fair. “I thought it was funny that the liberals proved her point,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “They just use outrage because they don’t like your politics.”

Burr similarly knows who’s really behind the transgender mania. “It’s the extreme left. You know what I mean…A man cannot get pregnant. We’re not born with a womb over there. Unless, I will tell you this, in the future, that’s gonna happen.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s right. Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, and Bill Burr are just a few brave liberals willing to acknowledge that transgender mania is crazy. I just wish more people on the left were willing to join them.


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