I've Been Permanently Banned From Twitter for Telling the Truth

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Well, it finally happened.

I figured it was inevitable that Twitter would find a reason to suspend me from their platform permanently, and now they finally have.


What happened? Well, I was replying to a tweet by a social worker who made a rather ridiculous assumption regarding the Lia Thomas issue.

“No matter your opinion on Lia Thomas, I urge you to discuss the topic as if a transgender person were in the room,” he said. “Because one probably is.”

“We can agree or disagree with the NCAA without insulting our transgender friends, classmates, and neighbors.”

My reply, which got flagged by Twitter and ultimately got me permanently suspended, said, “trans people represent a fraction of a percent of the population.” I also pointed out that even if I were in a room with a trans person, “I’d tell them the truth: they have a mental disorder.”

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I was given no warning, and I woke up to find that my account was locked and suspended. Appeals were made, and Twitter promptly sent form responses back.

In short, I am now banned from Twitter. For telling the truth.

Gender dysphoria/gender identity disorder was until very recently considered a mental disorder. No one can honestly say that the decision to no longer classify it as such was based on objective science.


I don’t feel bad about being banned. The first time I was suspended was last October. It was over a tweet sharing an article I wrote about Rachel Levine, Joe Biden’s assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine is a biological male whom the Biden administration falsely dubbed as the first woman four-star admiral of the U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) Commissioned Corps. But I was allowed to delete my “offensive” tweets and move on.

I’m sorry; I don’t give a damn what Twitter thinks. Rachel Levine is a man, and Twitter banning me won’t change this biological fact. Rachel Levine can call himself a woman all he wants, but that doesn’t mean he’s right. This is what is so dangerous about the transgender movement. They aren’t satisfied unless the rest of us validate how they feel. It’s not enough for a man to call himself a woman. The rest of us are expected to participate in that delusion. They think their right to believe what they want trumps our right to believe the facts.

Does Twitter think they’ve won by banning me? They haven’t. This is an important issue on which to stand our ground. If we allow the left to tell us what we can say, what will they be empowered to do next? Twitter hasn’t changed my views on this. I will continue to believe the facts, and I will continue to write the truth here at PJ Media. And they’ll eventually silence all of us.


And that’s where you come in.

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