Twitter Flags Texas AG’s Tweet Accurately Calling Rachel Levine a Man

Caroline Brehman/Pool via AP

On Thursday, Twitter flagged a tweet posed that same day by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in which he responded to USA Today‘s making U.S. assistant health secretary Rachel Levine one of the publication’s “Women of the Year” even though Levine is a man.


“Rachel Levine is a man,” Paxton tweeted.

Twitter eventually flagged the post, claiming the tweet violated its rules about “hateful conduct.” Twitter nevertheless allowed the tweet to remain accessible, but with a warning.

The radical LGBT advocacy group GLAAD called on Twitter to remove the tweet entirely. “AG Paxton’s tweet is malicious harassment of Dr. Levine,” the group tweeted. “This intentional attack violates Twitter’s own policy against targeted misgendering, but it has not been removed.”

Oooooh, scary.

Paxton was not intimidated, however, and doubled down on his original tweet. 

“Yesterday I stated an irrefutable scientific fact: Rachel Levine is a man,” Paxton said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I pointed this out after USA Today named him a ‘Woman’ of the Year. But Levine is not a woman. He has one X and one Y chromosome and other male-sex characteristics. I just follow the science.”

“For simply saying this matter-of-factly, Twitter blocked it as ‘hateful.'” he continued. “Users can now only access my statement through a trigger-warning filter. And even then, users can neither like it nor comment on it. At the same time, hundreds of other verified accounts saying the exact same thing remain untouched and unfiltered.”


Twitter has since flagged the tweet containing his statement as “hateful” as well.

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Paxton accused the left of attacking human biology and weaponizing Big Tech against conservative voices.

“Big Tech is not only anti-conservative and anti-Republican. It is now apparently anti-truth and anti-science. I will continue to use all my power to hold them accountable,” Paxton said. “Even now, I’m exploring legal options to stop their one-sided censorship.”

Twitter previously suspended a Republican congressman for calling Levine a man, and I was also locked out of my own Twitter account for several weeks for doing the same thing.


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