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I'm Still Locked Out of Twitter for Refusing to Lie About Rachel Levine's Gender

I'm Still Locked Out of Twitter for Refusing to Lie About Rachel Levine's Gender
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It’s been about three weeks now since Twitter decided to lock me out of my account over alleged hate speech policy violations.

All I did was write an article here at PJ Media about Rachel Levine, Joe Biden’s assistant secretary for health, being named the four-star admiral of the U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, and I pointed out right in the title that Levine is not the “first female four-star admiral” because he is, in fact, a male.

I often share my articles on Twitter, but this one apparently triggered enough people that Twitter pulled the tweets linking to the article and suspended me. So, I appealed, informing Twitter in my appeal that the article made a statement of biological fact.

PJ Media also shared the article on its Twitter feed and was similarly suspended. Three weeks later, neither appeal has been responded to. We do have the option to delete the tweets and cancel our appeals. But do we really want that?

Some have suggested this is not an issue worth standing our ground on.

I say it is.

You’ve probably heard someone say, “If it makes them happy to call themselves whatever gender they want, what’s the harm?”

The problem is that it doesn’t make them happy to simply believe they are whatever gender they claim to be. They aren’t satisfied unless the rest of us validate how they feel. It’s not enough for a man to call himself a woman. The rest of us are expected to participate in that delusion. They think their right to believe what they want trumps our right to believe the facts.

So, yes, this is an important issue on which to stand our ground. No one is going to make us say something we don’t believe. If we allow the left to tell us what we can say, what will they be empowered to do next?

We will fight for our right to speak the truth. Because facts matter. Feelings don’t trump reality.

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P.S. Rachel Levine is a man.

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