Woke Books From Scholastic Press Are Polluting Our Schools and Homes

The fight against schools indoctrinating kids with critical race theory and radical gender theory has become very public and was even consequential in the Virginia gubernatorial election last year, but if we really want to stop this indoctrination, we have to go to the source of much of the indoctrination. And believe it or not, that happens to be the celebrated children’s book publisher, Scholastic Press, which is the only children’s book publisher that works with the schools. This monopoly gives them huge influence over our kids.


Why is this a big deal? Because Scholastic is publishing the kind of woke garbage you don’t want schools teaching, like anti-Americanism, LGBTQ propaganda, graphic sex, and critical race theory.

Heroes of Liberty Press, a new publisher of illustrated children’s books that celebrate American values, is looking to end Scholastic’s monopoly and unite parents nationwide to get Scholastic Press out of the school system.

“We want to get the ball rolling, by educating parents about the importance of taking back control of the stories their children read,” says Bethany Mandel, editor of Heroes of Liberty. “Children’s stories create role models and set our kids’ aspirations and emotions for life. With the wrong content, they can be destructive.”

The video below highlights a passage from a Scholastic book called George, about a transgender child, which is geared toward children as young as eight years old.



As the parent of a young child, it’s frightening to feel powerless when it comes to the systemic indoctrination in public schools. You can stand up to the woke monopoly and protect your kids by visiting Stop Woke Books and signing the petition.


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