As Joe Biden Drowns, Some Pollsters Are Trying to Pull Him Up

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

You don’t have to be a political junkie to know that Joe Biden’s job approval ratings have been in the toilet since his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Even as Afghanistan faded from the front pages, Biden hasn’t managed to recover. Most polls now have him underwater, and several of them are double-digits negative. Last month, Gallup had Biden at -10 approval.


Yet, there are a few polls that curiously show Biden in positive territory.

The latest CNN poll has Biden’s aprroval split at 50-50. The most recent IBD/TIPP poll has Biden at +4 approval and the latest poll from The Hill has Biden at +5 approval.

Who do they think they’re fooling? Biden’s RealClearPolitics average is -8.2 points. Do these polls that still show Biden in positive territory really think they’re accurately reflecting what Americans feel about Joe Biden? Several polls have shown that Biden has lost significant support from independent and unaffiliated voters. For Joe Biden to be in positive territory right now, he’d have to be in positive territory among independent and unaffiliated voters… and it’s safe to say, based on the overwhelming majority of current polls, that he’s not.

Seriously, CNN and the rest of you… who do you think you’re fooling?

We know Biden has lost the faith of the voters, and bogus polls showing Biden with approval from a plurality of voters won’t magically make it true.


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