How the Radical Transgender Movement Led to the Cover-Up of Rape in a School Bathroom

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

There are countless articles decrying the so-called “rape culture” in the United States. “‘Rape culture’ is a culture in which sexual violence is considered the norm—in which people aren’t taught not to rape, but are taught not to be raped,” explained BuzzFeed in 2014.

An article in Vox that same year argued that the crimes of  Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Jerry Sandusky, and Roman Polanski are products of rape culture, which they say is “is a culture in which sexual violence is treated as the norm and victims are blamed for their own assaults.”

Rape culture pressures women to sacrifice their freedoms and opportunities in order to stay safe, because it puts the burden of safety on women’s shoulders, and blames them when they don’t succeed. As a result, certain opportunities are left unavailable to women, and still others are restricted by expensive safety precautions, such as not traveling for professional networking unless you can afford your own hotel room.

“The term ‘rape culture’ has been used to describe the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate sexual violence,” wrote Jennifer Shore, the executive director of Focus for Health in 2019. “Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, slut-shaming, sexual objectification of women and girls, trivializing rape, denying the widespread prevalence of rape, and failing to acknowledge the harm caused by sexual violence.”

Should you read even a fraction of the words written discussing “rape culture,” you’ll be left with the impression that the only cure is for boys to be explicitly taught not to rape because every man is a potential rapist. Anything from locker room banter to catcalling normalizes rape culture.

While I have no doubt that virtually all people agree that rape is wrong, today’s woke culture is prompting some rapes and sexual assaults to be covered up. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the traditional narrative that rape is committed by men against women, and because it might get in the way of the radical transgender agenda.

When a ninth-grade girl was raped in the girls’ restroom in Virginia’s Loudoun County back in May, the school board actively tried to cover it up. The school did not report the 15-year-old girl’s assault to the police, choosing instead to handle the case in-house. Why? Because the assault was committed by a gender-fluid boy wearing a skirt. The girl’s father, Scott Smith, was furious, and the school called the police on him for “making a scene” over it.

Smith later told his daughter’s story during a Loudoun County School Board meeting to protest their plan to implement pro-transgender policies, but the school claimed to have no record of an assault, and a leftist activist in the community who was there told Smith she didn’t believe his daughter’s story. As a result, Smith was arrested.

“My wife and I are gay- and lesbian-friendly,” Smith told The Daily Wire. “We’re not into this children transgender stuff. The person that attacked our daughter is apparently bisexual and occasionally wears dresses because he likes them. So this kid is technically not what the school board was fighting about. The point is kids are using it as an advantage to get into the bathrooms.”

Imagine a father being told by a woman that she didn’t believe his daughter’s story. Imagine being so brainwashed by the LGBTQ propaganda that you’d tell the victim of sexual assault you don’t believe her just because the assault undermines the pro-transgender narrative. Imagine caring more about having boys use girls’ restrooms than the privacy and safety of girls. Are school boards really more committed to being woke than to protecting their students? Imagine being so committed to letting boys in girls bathrooms, or too afraid of being called a bigot, that when a girl is raped in a bathroom, you’d sooner cover it up than punish the assailant because doing so might undermine the pro-transgender bathroom policy. I thought not believing victims of rape promotes rape culture?

I guess woke culture is more important to the radical left than believing women.


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