How Pro-Abortion Rhetoric Is Inherently Transphobic

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If you’re a conservative man and you’ve ever tried to debate abortion with a liberal woman, you’ve probably been told that your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re a man. Abortion, she’ll say,  doesn’t affect you because you can’t bear children. Abortion, she’ll say, is a women’s issue. Therefore, men need not bother discussing it because their opinion is irrelevant.

But what is a woman? What is a man? Today, according to the left, anyone can be a woman. Haven’t you heard that “transgender women are women” or “transgender men are men”? According to the radical left and the transgender lobby, being a woman is a matter of feelings, not biology. When Bruce Jenner announced he was transgender, he was quickly deemed a “she” and was named Glamour’s Woman of the Year. Misgendering Jenner was decried as a hate crime. Similarly, when Ellen Page announced that she was transgender, within hours online references to the actress changed out her given name with her chosen name “Elliot” and her pronouns were switched to male pronouns.

Did Bruce Jenner gain the right to have an opinion on abortion the moment he declared himself to be Caitlyn Jenner? Did Ellen Page give up her right to have an opinion on abortion the moment she declared herself to be Elliot Page? What are the accepted rules here?

Actress Jennifer Aniston has an opinion on that. According to a recent post on Instagram, the former Friends star says, “No uterus, no opinion.” So leave the debate to the “birthing people” or something.

So does having a uterus make the difference? Tell that to Rachel Levine, Joe Biden’s assistant secretary of health. Levine is a transgender “woman” who certainly doesn’t have a uterus but who, I am told, is nevertheless a woman. He’s not a woman, of course. He’s a man right down to his genetic code, but the radical left says that he’s a woman, just like they say Caitlyn Jenner is. If Rachel Levine and Caitlyn Jenner are “women,” then they should have the right to an opinion on abortion, right? If the answer is yes, someone needs to send a memo to Jennifer Aniston.

But there’s another problem here. What about women who are born without a uterus? The condition, called Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), is a congenital disease affecting approximately 1 in 4,500 females. So are these women exempt from having an opinion on abortion too? They’re women, of course, so don’t they get an opinion–or does “no uterus, no opinion” apply here too?

Paging Jennifer Aniston. Paging Jennifer Aniston. We’d like a ruling on this matter.

Heck, even calling abortion a women’s issue reinforces the gender binary, doesn’t it? After all, according to “modern” radical gender theory, there are more than two genders (from three to perhaps an infinite amount). I don’t think there’s a consensus yet because it’s hard to generate a consensus around something that isn’t based on reality, biology, or science. In this brave new world that liberals have created, we’ve been told that men can get pregnant, which contradicts the argument that abortion is a “women’s rights issue.” We’ve also seen women erased, instead of being referred to “birthing people,” which, again, clashes with the idea that only one gender has the right to an opinion on abortion.

It’s about time we get some clarification on this. Specifically, how many of the infinite genders can have an opinion on abortion? Let’s work on that list now.

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