Are Democrats' Fearmongering Tactics on Voting Swaying the Public?

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Earlier this year, a majority of Democrats voted in favor of lowering the voting age to sixteen. The effort was a blatant power grab. Young people, thanks to the indoctrination of school, tend to be more liberal; therefore, lowering the voting age to sixteen would expand the size of the Democrats’ base, making it easier for them to hold onto and expand their power in Washington.

The effort failed, but that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from pursuing multiple avenues to further protect their agenda and expand their majorities, such as nuking the filibuster, making D.C. the 51st state, and court-packing. Several of these efforts have only been prevented because of moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin making passage impossible in the evenly divided Senate.

But, specifically when it comes to voting, Democrats have been relentless in their desire to federalize elections, making it easier to vote and destroying election integrity. The poorly named For the People Act, for example, would expand vote-by-mail, allow votes to be accepted for as long as ten days after an election, require states to have automatic voter registration, and allow felons to vote, among other things. Democrats seem to support efforts that would severely increase the risk of fraud under the guise of fighting voter suppression—especially in the wake of various states passing voting integrity laws to make voting more secure.

But it seems that it’s mostly Democrats in Congress who think there’s widespread voter suppression. In fact, a plurality of voters thinks it’s too easy to vote.

According to a new Morning Consult poll, “44 percent of U.S. adults believe the rules around voting are not strict enough to prevent votes from being cast illegally,” while only “33 percent say the rules make it too difficult for eligible citizens to cast their ballots.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the poll is that Democrat voters are divided on the issue, while Republicans are not. “54 percent of Democrats say the rules around voting are too strict, compared with 79 percent of Republicans who say the rules are not tough enough,” according to the poll. A quarter of Democrats think the rules around voting aren’t tough enough, while 21 percent have no opinion.

Democrats claim that various efforts like Voter ID and limitations on early voting are racist. In fact, several states have seen Voter ID laws reversed by activist judges. But according to the poll, while black voters are more likely to say the rules around voting are too strict, it’s not a majority position among them. Only 41 percent agree. Hispanics are evenly divided. In fact, the only group to have a majority of voters who believe voting rules are too strict is Democrats, and it’s still a small majority.

The fearmongering tactics of the Democrats aren’t swaying the public. More independents agree that voting rules aren’t strict enough (35 percent) than think they’re too strict (29 percent).

Clearly, America thinks it’s too easy to vote, not the other way around. They see through the rhetoric and false accusations of racism.

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