2024: A Trump Landslide in the Making?

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America’s likely voters in the coming elections are souring on Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, according to John and Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates, a national survey research and strategic services company. This, they say, “is great news for former-President Donald J. Trump, if he decides to run again in 2024.”


“Our McLaughlin September National Poll indicates that as Americans suffer under President Joe Biden’s dismal policies on everything from the economy, to the border, and foreign policy, likely voters are pining for Donald Trump’s return in 2024,” they wrote at Newsmax on Monday.

According to their poll, voters are “pining for Donald Trump’s return in 2024” after suffering under Biden’s policies.

“In terms of a potential 2024 GOP primary and national election, as President Biden’s big government socialist policies fail, Donald Trump’s support only grows stronger amongst the electorate,” they wrote. “Seventy-one percent of all Republican likely voters, including independents who vote in Republican primaries, want to see President Trump run again in 2024.”

Voters also don’t expect Biden to finish his first term, which would make Kamala Harris the likely Democratic nominee—which spells disaster for the Democrats. In a contest between Trump and Harris, Trump “leads among suburban voters 52%-43% and among women 50%-47%,” which are two groups he was struggling with during the 2020 campaign, and he beats her overall 49%-47%.

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More than half of likely voters agreed with the following statement: “I used to dislike Trump’s aggressive, confrontational style, but now that I see how weak Biden was in dealing with the Taliban in Afghanistan, I’m thinking maybe Trump wasn’t so bad.” A surprising 28 percent of Democrats and 23 percent of Biden voters also agreed.


The voters surveyed were also asked if they agreed with this statement: “It takes a tough man to be a good president. When I see how weak Biden is, I’m coming to appreciate Trump more and I’m thinking we need a bit more of Trump’s toughness right now.” Fifty-six percent agreed, including 27 percent of Democrats and 23 percent of Biden voters.

“If the 2024 election for president was a do over between Biden and Trump, Trump wins decisively 50%-47%,” the article continues. According to John and Jim McLaughlin, “This would translate into a Trump electoral landslide in the next presidential election.”

The Democratic Party is clearly in a bad position right now. They promised things would get better under Biden, but instead things have just gotten worse. While there is still plenty of time for the situation to change, currently the outlook for the Democrats looks bleak–and it’s hard to imagine a scenario where things get better.


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