Even Obama’s DHS Secretary Says Biden's Border Crisis Is Out of Control

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Joe Biden might be pretending that there’s no border crisis, but even Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary is saying things are out of control and something must be done about it.


“If you go to any border congressional district, Lorado, Texas, for example, which is 85 percent Mexican-American, 80 percent or so Democratic, they’ll tell you that we should be fair and humane to migrants,” Jeh Johnson told CNN’s Ana Cabrera. “But they also want us to control our borders. We have to get control of our borders. And 200,000 a month is a lot of people. DHS just released the numbers for August. It’s 200,000. August is typically a month where it’s very low.”

Johnson believes that immigrants who came here illegally and have been here for years deserve a path to citizenship, but he also said there’s a right way and a wrong way to come here.

“What I said about border districts, I believe, is consistent with the views of the American people at large. They want us to be fair to these people who are desperate. But they want control of our borders as well. And we simply have to grapple with this situation. I know it’s difficult. But it can be done,” Johnson said.


Something tells me this administration doesn’t want anything done. They laid out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants. This is Biden’s creation. That an Obama official is critical of how Biden is handling it says a lot.

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