Hmmm: Is the New York Times Protecting Biden by Not Updating Its Polling Page?

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Joe Biden’s tanking poll numbers are no secret, but the New York Times seems to be suffering from ostrich syndrome. According to a report from Fox News, the Times‘ live page cataloging Biden’s approval numbers hasn’t been updated since mid-May—when the Times highlighted an Associated Press/NORC poll showing Biden with a 63 percent approval rating.


Currently, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are underwater in most polls, and his his average approval ratings are underwater at RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight. A recent Economist/YouGov Poll even had him below 40 percent approval.

Fox News notes that prior to the page becoming dormant, “the Times would regularly update its page with eight posts in March and six in April. The polls cited went beyond Biden’s approval rating, invoking support for voting rights, the COVID vaccine and whether or not then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign amid his scandals.”

Other outlets seem to be getting lax in how they cover this administration as well. “The Los Angeles Times announced in January its ‘Covering Kamala Harris’ page meant to be ‘the most comprehensive and authoritative news source as we chronicle Harris’ first year.’ However, the Times’ Instagram account dedicated to the VP has not been updated since May 28, less than two weeks before her now-infamous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt where she was grilled about not visiting the U.S. southern border.”


Obviously, the liberal media has found it easier to look the other way than to actually report on this administration with the same rigor as they did under Trump, but ignoring Joe Biden’s tanking poll numbers doesn’t change the reality.

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The New York Times has been called the newspaper of record because of its perceived authority in covering the news. It honestly hasn’t lived up to its reputation for many, many years now. Sadly, it keeps finding ways to prove its critics right.



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