We Need a GOP Majority to Find Out the Truth About Biden's Afghanistan Disaster

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

There’s no denying that Democrats want us to move on from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Since the collapse of the U.S.-backed government, we’ve learned that Joe Biden ignored the recommendations and warnings of his advisers, pushing forward with a withdrawal that he knew would end in disaster.

In the past week, we’ve learned from the transcript of a leaked call that Joe Biden tried to persuade Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to lie in order to give the impression things were going better in Afghanistan than they really were. We also learned that Joe Biden granted himself a waiver earlier this year in order to avoid providing Congress with a report on the dangers of withdrawing from Afghanistan. In doing so, Biden kept Congress in the dark about the situation in Afghanistan so that he could get the photo-op he wanted on September 11—the anniversary of the terror attacks that resulted in us going into Afghanistan twenty years ago.

Joe Biden lied to the entire country. He asked Afghan President Ghani to lie on his behalf as well.

And many people died as a result, including 13 U.S. service members. Many more American citizens have been reportedly left behind. The White House concedes that it could be 100-200, but other estimates from anonymous U.S. officials say that number is likely much, much higher.

Earlier this week, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee, offered an amendment that would direct the intelligence community inspector general to investigate whether Joe Biden hid intelligence from Congress prior to the botched withdrawal.

And, like clockwork, Democrats are blocking it.

It’s clear that Democrats don’t want an investigation into what happened in Afghanistan, or why it happened. What we know already is pretty awful, and they’d prefer to change the subject to climate change or the Capitol riot in the hopes of minimizing their losses in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. When Afghanistan first fell to the Taliban, Nancy Pelosi praised Biden “for his strong leadership and exceptional focus on bringing American military involvement in Afghanistan to an end.” She is so committed to covering for Joe Biden that she actually blocked members of Congress from reading the names of the 13 service members who were killed in the terror attack at Kabul airport.

Does anyone think there will be any accountability for what happened while Democrats are in control? Of course not. The only way we’ll get any accountability is if Republicans win back the majority. Nancy Pelosi may be anxious to change the subject to anything but Afghanistan, but Republicans have to keep the pressure on and demand accountability. Americans want to get the facts about what happened and why. Did Joe Biden lie to Congress to make sure his withdrawal happened? We need to know. Accountability for what happened will certainly be an issue Republicans can run on in 2022.

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The families of those who died because of Joe Biden’s recklessness deserve to know the truth—and they won’t get it from the Democrats.


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