Party First, Country Last: Biden & Harris Still Plan to Campaign for Governor Newsom

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The situation in Afghanistan seems to be getting worse every day, and Kamala Harris, who has faced criticism for her lack of response to the fall of Afghanistan, particularly with regards to the implications for Afghan women and girls, continues to distance herself from Biden, despite once bragging about the role she played in Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan.


“We have the first woman [vice] president of the United States. America celebrated it,” Vivek Ramaswamy, the author of Woke, Inc., told Fox News. “This was an opportunity for her to emerge on the global stage as a leader, to call out the Taliban for their treatment of women. And she didn’t do it. She’s been completely absent.”

And absent she remains. She’s just left for a trip to Singapore and Vietnam and is planning to campaign with California Governor Gavin Newsom next week. Newsom faces a recall election in which he only holds a narrow lead over Republican Larry Elder in the polls and Californians dislike him and seem likely to recall him.

“I am excited to join my friend and our vice president next week,” Newsom said in a statement. “The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher.”

Has he seen Afghanistan lately?

Despite her historically low popularity for a vice president, Harris remains relatively popular in her home state of California.


Joe Biden is also expected to visit California to help Newsom, who he says he’s proud of despite the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. “I’m incredibly proud of President Biden,” Newsom said last week. “I’m incredibly enthusiastic to have his support on [a] ‘no’ vote and look forward to him coming out here.”

America is being humiliated on the world stage, thousands of Americans are trapped in a country controlled by the Taliban after being left behind by Joe Biden, and yet, both he and Kamala Harris plan to campaign for the governor of California? Call me crazy, but they have more important things to be concerned with for the near future. That they both still plan to leave D.C. to campaign to save a governor facing a recall tells you where their priorities really are.


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