The Biggest Indication Yet That Trump Is Running in 2024

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In an interview with Newsmax, Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, revealed that Trump is “moving forward” with a 2024 presidential run in a “real way.” What exactly does that mean? According to Meadows, Trump met with “cabinet members” at his Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey Friday evening to discuss his future politics.


Meadows said: “We met with some of our Cabinet members tonight. […] We’re looking at what does come next. I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president. But, I can tell you this: We wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way, with President Trump at the head of that ticket.”

Last month, Trump told Sean Hannity that he has made up his mind about running in 2024 but didn’t say what the decision was.

“Let me ask you this. Without giving the answer—what the answer is… have you made up your mind?” Hannity asked.

“Yes,” Trump replied.

Polls have repeatedly shown that Trump is favored for the Republican nomination in 2024 should he run. However, my former PJ Media colleague Tyler O’Neil believes Trump’s best play is to sit out 2024 and use his prestige to be a kingmaker for conservative candidates. Personally, I think that Trump is being set up to win big in 2024 by none other than Joe Biden. Biden claims that he’s planning to run again, and he continually makes the case with his actions that Trump is the leader we need to fix problems. For example, Biden took the most secure southern border in history and created a huge crisis. Illegal border crossings plummeted during the Trump administration—an undeniable result of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants. The border wall also proved to be successful in blocking illegal crossings. However, under Biden, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed to six times what the Obama administration deemed crisis-level, as immigrants began flooding here after the election, believing Biden would deliver on amnesty.


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Biden’s botching of the vaccination distribution plan is also something that works in Trump’s favor. After inheriting multiple COVID vaccines and a distribution plan, Biden fell behind his own vaccination goals after his disastrous decision to pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after only 6 cases of severe blood clots out of nearly 7 million people receiving the shot. Vaccination rates plummeted after that. Biden is now considering bribery schemes and possibly a vaccine mandate to boost vaccination rates.

Meanwhile, the economy, which should be roaring back to life, isn’t. Instead, it’s plagued by higher prices, inflation, and people choosing not to go back to work.

So, yeah, I like Trump’s chances.


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