FLASHBACK: When the Media Blew Off Joe Biden's Cancel-Worthy Racist Comments About Black Students

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Joe Biden’s history of making racist comments is known to anyone who consumes alternative media sources, but another one from years past is making the rounds on social media today—and boy is it a doozy.


From The Washington Post, October 24, 2007.

After a lengthy critique of Bush administration education policies, Biden attempted to explain why some schools perform better than others — for instance, in Iowa, as compared to Washington D.C.

“There’s less than one percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than four of five percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you’re dealing with,” said Biden.

When you have children coming from dysfunctional homes, when you have children coming from homes where there’s no books, where the mother from the time they’re born doesn’t talk to them — as opposed to the mother in Iowa who’s sitting out there and talks to them, the kid starts out with a 300 word larger vocabulary at age three. Half this education gap exists before the kid steps foot in the classroom,” Biden said.


Wow, Joe Biden must really think black people aren’t very smart. The Biden campaign quickly attempted to clarify his statement, saying then-Senator Biden wasn’t making a “race-based distinction” but rather a “socio-economic” one.

Yeah, right.

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Perhaps the most amusing thing about this is the way the Washington Post excused the blatantly racist remark as a “stumble” rather than calling it out for what it really was: racism.

Imagine if Trump had ever said such a thing. Would the Washington Post dismiss it as a “stumble”?  Not a chance.



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