Will Biden Use the Delta Variant to Restore COVID Restrictions?

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The thought is absolutely terrifying, but I feel the question has to be asked: Is the Biden administration looking to bring back COVID restrictions over the delta variant? I really hope this isn’t the case, but recent events have me wondering.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden blatantly lied when he claimed that the delta was “deadlier” than the original virus in a tweet.

“Here’s the deal: The Delta variant is more contagious, it’s deadlier, and it’s spreading quickly around the world – leaving young, unvaccinated people more vulnerable than ever,” Biden tweeted. “Please, get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Let’s head off this strain before it’s too late.”

The tweet included a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci speaking about the delta variant.

Dr. Fauci appears to be in on the scare tactics as well, claiming that this new variant is “more dangerous.” Last week, he called the delta variant the “greatest threat” to the nation’s efforts to eliminate COVID. The delta variant is more contagious, that much appears to be true, but more deadly it is not.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced last Friday that fully vaccinated people should continue to wear face masks and practice social distanciing in order to stop the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19. At the local level, we’re already starting to see people panic about this delta variant.  Los Angeles County health officials are now “strongly recommending” all residents wear masks indoors and in public settings regardless of vaccination status. It’s not a mandate… yet.

As I pointed out despite the fact that in the UK, where 95 percent of new COVID cases are caused by the delta variant, there has been no spike in COVID-related deaths.

In fact, the data shows that the delta variant has a much lower case fatality rate (CFR).

So, why would Joe Biden (or whichever White House official who actually wrote the tweet) say that the delta variant is “deadlier” when all available evidence says that it is not?

Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins told Fox News that he believes that the fearmongering is meant to scare people into getting vaccinated.

That certainly is a likely explanation, as Biden’s goal of 70 percent vaccination by July 4 appears to be unattainable—which is his fault, by the way—and scare tactics seems like something he would do to bring new vaccination rates back up, but in Israel, fully vaccinated adults are getting infected with the delta variant… and guess what happened there? The Israeli government “has now reimposed an indoor mask mandate and quickly expanded its vaccination program to include children ages 12 to 15,” reports HuffPost. Roughly 90 percent of new cases in Israel are said to be linked to the delta variant, yet so far, they’ve only had a minor increase in cases, and no increase in COVID deaths. On Monday, the Washington Post reported that countries worldwide are reimposing lockdowns and other restrictions because of the delta variant.

So is this really about vaccinations? I’m sure that’s part of it, but when we’re starting to see lockdowns happen again despite vaccinations, I think we’re seeing the groundwork being laid for new COVID restrictions on the horizon. Why else would Joe Biden refer to the delta variant as being deadlier than the original virus? That wasn’t a careless mistake.

Something is brewing, and I don’t trust the Biden administration one bit.


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