Who's Really Running the Country? A Jill Biden Photo Has Us Wondering

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Who’s really in charge of the country? Who’s running the show? Some would say the answer is obvious: Joe Biden.

But, frankly, I’m not sure. Many have speculated that Joe Biden isn’t really running things. His mental fitness has come into question numerous times over the years and even in the past six months, but a photo posted by Jill Biden has added fuel to the fire, reigniting questions about who’s really running the country, and if perhaps the First Lady is taking on responsibilities she shouldn’t be.


The photo in question features Jill Biden sitting at a desk on Air Force One with the caption “Prepping for the G7.”

The G7 Summit is scheduled to take place June 11-13, 2021 in the United Kingdom. The official participants are the leaders of G7 countries, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada; Emmanuel Macron, President of France; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany; Maria Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy; Yoshihide Suga, Prime Minister of Japan; Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Ursula van der Leyen, Commission President; Charles Michel, Council President of the European Union; and, apparently Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States?

Actually, no. Technically, it’s Joe Biden who is supposed to be representing the United States, but, his wife, who was not elected to any position, and holds absolutely zero political power, is “prepping for the G7.” Ummm… what’s going on here?

And I’m not the only one confused. “Where’s Joe?” asked House Republicans on Twitter.

And they weren’t the only ones. Some on social media are scratching their heads, wondering why FLOTUS is doing something that is, in fact, her husband’s job.


Others saw no problem with this, “A rather presidential-looking FLOTUS photo, taken aboard Air Force One,” tweeted Jennifer Jacobs, senior White House reporter for Bloomberg News. “Jill Biden will represent the US alongside President Biden at the G7 summit this week.”

It is not clear from the photo what exactly Jill Biden, who again, I stress, has no official power in government, is prepping for, but boy, when a member of the press points out how “presidential” she looks, and notes that she’ll be co-representing the United States at the G7 Summit like that’s totally normal, it’s hard not to question why the First Lady appears to be taking on what some might describe as a co-presidential role. First Ladies have certainly joined their president husbands on foreign trips in the past, and perhaps have used those opportunities to speak on issues important to them, but something about this picture, and her “prepping” for the summit suggests she’s taken on more responsibilities as First Lady than perhaps the public knows about or would be comfortable with.


Joe Biden has already given us plenty of reasons to question his mental fitness, and his wife taking on a seemingly unprecedented role for what is a ceremonial position, gives us even more reason to wonder about Joe Biden’s health—and the efforts being made to cover it up.


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