BOMBSHELL: CNN Director Admits That Their Coverage of Matt Gaetz Is 'Propaganda' to Help Democrats

(Project Veritas YouTube screenshot)

Project Veritas has struck again with a second video of CNN technical director Charlie Chester admitting how his network is using propaganda to help the Democratic Party.


In the previous video, Chester admitted that his network used “propaganda” to help defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The latest video released by Project Veritas explains how they’re doing the exact same thing right now with Matt Gaetz.

“If the agenda, say, is to like get, like Matt Gaetz right now—he’s like this Republican. He’s a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative and he can cause a lot of hiccups in the passing of laws and whatnot,” Chester says in the undercover video. “So, it would be great for the Democratic Party to get him out. So we’re [CNN] going to keep running those stories to keep hurting him. and make it so that it can’t be buried, and like just settled outside of court and just like, you know, if we keep pushing that, it’s helping us [CNN].”

“That’s propaganda because it’s helping us in some way,” Chester added.

While CNN is apparently doing whatever they can to destroy Gaetz, the allegations against him appear to be falling apart. On Monday, Bob Kent, one of the men allegedly involved in the scheme to extort money from Gaetz, admitted asking the congressman’s father for $25 million, but insists it wasn’t a shakedown. However, according to a report from the Washington Examiner, Gaetz, “possesses text message screenshots, an email, and a typed document that purportedly support his claims that a federal investigation into his relationship with a 17-year-old is related to an extortion scheme against him.” According to screenshots provided to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Gaetz’s father, Don Gaetz, a former Florida state Senate president, received a text message from Kent on March 16 proposing “a plan that can make [Matt Gaetz’s] future legal and political problems go away.” Two recent stories about Gaetz, the first claiming that he was denied a request for a blanket pardon from Trump and a second claim that he was recently denied a meeting with Trump, have been denied by both Trump and Gaetz. The latter story was originally reported by CNN.



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