This May Have Been the Dumbest Line of Biden's Painful Press Conference

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I have to admit, I almost felt sorry for Joe Biden during his ridiculous press conference on Thursday. Watching this sham of an event was excruciating, particularly during the moments he seemed to forget what he was trying to say.


But perhaps one of most ridiculous parts of the press conference, when Biden actually succeeded in getting through a sentence without losing his train of thought, was when he made an absurd attack on Republican efforts to strengthen election integrity in various states.

“What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick,” he said. “I’m convinced that we’ll be able to stop this, because it is the most pernicious thing— this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

Yes, he actually said that.

Really Joe? What that supposed to be clever? Did he come up with that on the spot, or did someone write that for him? Do we even want to know?

A whopping 75 percent of all voters support voter ID laws, which is part of Republicans’ efforts to strengthen election integrity. For Biden to even compare such commonsense legislation to Jim Crow, let alone use a really terrible metaphor to suggest that it and other efforts are worse, is just beyond inappropriate, and shameful.

Sadly, the left is swooning over the new term.

“Jim Eagle is a good term and we should make it catch on,” said former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

Others mocked Biden’s bizarre remark.




Matt Margolis is the author of Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter, GabFacebookMeWeHeroesRumble, and CloutHub.


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