MSNBC Anchor Accidentally Appears to Use Racial Slur Covering Kobe Bryant Tragedy

(Screenshot via Grabien)

Alison Morris, MSNBC’s Sunday anchor, made such an awful mistake on the air while covering the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash tragedy that is now said to have resulted in the deaths of as many as nine people, including Kobe Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter.


Morris was interviewing sports journalists about the tragedy, and instead of saying “Los Angeles Lakers” it sounds as though Morris said “Los Angeles N—-rs.”

Some speculated Morris had started to say “Knicks” but in the course of correcting herself, said “Nakers,” before immediately correcting herself and saying “Lakers.”

This is the explanation Morris gave on Twitter after the broadcast:

While that’s certainly possible what happened, if you listen to the uncensored broadcast, it certainly sounds more like a hard “g” as opposed to a “k.”

Take a listen below and judge for yourself.

The slip-up was met with strong opinions as to whether it was an accidental slip or deliberate worthy of Morris being fired.

YouTube celebrity Tarl Warwick was not convinced by Morris’s explanation, however, and has called for her to be fired. “MSNBC would go ballistic and demand deplatforming if someone not part of the corporate legacy media had made that ‘mistake,'” he tweeted in reply to her explanation. “Your company has attempted to get people doxed, harassed, or fired for making the “OK” sign before.”


You gotta admit, he has a point. If a Fox News anchor had made the same mistake you can imagine the pile-on that would occur.


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