South Carolina Lawmaker Proposes Statewide Ban on Gender Reassignment Surgery for Minors


A South Carolina State Representative has filed legislation that, if it were to pass, would ban gender reassignment surgery and/or treatment for minors. State Rep. Stewart Jones was inspired to take this action by the James Younger case in Texas, where the 7-year-old Texas boy’s mother was gonna force him to undergo gender reassignment without the consent of the father, who said the boy doesn’t even believe himself to be a girl.


Last month, we reported that Ginny Ehrhart, a Republican state representative in Georgia, wants to make it a felony to perform gender transition surgeries on minors. Since then, others with common sense in different states are following suit.

State Rep. Jones told the Post and Courier gender reassignment surgery has “almost been weaponized, and this is to protect children.” Jones’ legislation does not seek to ban gender reassignment surgery for legal adults over the age of 18. “For a child, it’s a whole different matter,” Jones says. “Somebody under 18, they can’t buy cigarettes and alcohol, and so they shouldn’t be able to have a sex change.”

His bill, H. 4716, is designed to prevent kids from being pressured by adults with an agenda into having damaging, irreversible surgery, and punishes doctors who perform gender reassignment medical treatment. Here is what the bill states.

Section 44-139-10.

(A)    A person under the age of eighteen years is prohibited from undergoing gender reassignment medical treatment in the State of South Carolina.

(B)    A health care professional who intentionally performs gender reassignment medical treatment on a person who is under the age of eighteen years is subject to professional discipline by the State Board of Medical Examiners or the applicable health care professional licensing board, up to and including suspension or revocation of any license or certification required to practice.


Sounds reasonable to me.

It goes without saying that radical LGBTQWTF activists are up-in-arms about the legislation. Chase Glenn, executive director of LGBTQ-rights advocacy group Alliance for Full Acceptance in Charleston, called it a “troubling” bill. “This is an incredibly vulnerable population that we’re talking about, with an already high suicide rate,” Glenn told the Post and Courier. “This could have disastrous implications.”

Such implications include giving kids time to mature before deciding to make a life-altering and irreversible decision.

PJMedia’s Tyler O’Neil recently noted that a growing number of states are starting to take similar action against radical transgender ideology being imposed on children. Matt Carpenter, deputy director of state and local affairs at the Family Research Council (FRC), told PJ Media, “I think in 2020 we will see other states enter the fray and attempt to protect minors from undergoing unproven, harmful, and irreversible, decisions that will dramatically impact their health every day for the rest of their lives.”



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