Are Democrats Convinced They'll Get a Shellacking in 2022?

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Newsmax TV’s Dick Morris said this week that his sources are telling him that the reason the Democrats are piling on top of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill with the rhetorically conjoined $3.5 trillion New Green Deal budget plan is that they are convinced they will lose the midterms. They want to get as much as they can through because they believe their days in the House majority with VP Harris breaking any Senate tie are numbered.


Several questions lie in the policy ruins of what was President Trump’s healthy, resurgent America.

Why would the Democrats not temporarily scale back their transformative aspirations, deploy a moderate smokescreen, and attempt to hold the House and possibly tip their representation in the Senate? We can only wonder if it might be more strategic for them to walk with the comparatively sane bipartisan deal they wheedled out of several RINO Republicans and rest on their laurels. Polls show support for the trillion-dollar deal.

One answer may lie in the results of progressive polling, which show plurality support for the second gargantuan package. To the extent that these polls are anywhere near the bullseye, it may be that even though they fear electoral usurpation in 2022, hard-left Democrats believe there is enough support for a socialist-leaning, hand-out government that they are willing to go to the mat for the larger bill and let the chips fall.

That said, how much more moderate it would seem to fence-sitting voters if they accepted the McConnell/Romney capitulation and moved on. On cue, members of the ingrate “squad” vow they won’t support the trillion unless they get the $3.5 trillion. In the convoluted world of contemporary politics, that could end up being helpful to GOP budget hawks.

Back to the theory of preordained defeat. Sources: They will be defeated in 16 months because they’ve made a disaster out of supposed victory. Immigration and inflation are killing them. The sense that Biden is a fading puppet, and that the strings are being pulled by hyper-Marxists in proximity to power, is becoming as widespread as the coronavirus. How much smarter would it be for them to reverse course on border enforcement and do something–anything–about the burgeoning crisis? They would have to act quickly, because as Bill O’Reilly reported in one of his radio spots, even the reliably leftist propaganda sheet the Washington Post is editorializing about how the border catastrophe is likely to upend the Dems’ House majority. On immigration, it is clear that the left is playing the long game of adding millions of Third World Democrat voters to the rolls, but with such internecine writing on the wall, it’s little wonder that the Democrat Party is desperate to get anything they can codified into law.


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It is interesting in light of these prognostications to ponder scenarios in which Biden is not cognitively impaired, not potentially compromised by factors too numerous to mention here, and able to govern from a position of moderate power. The moderate Joe Biden sold to voters might have left Trump’s immigration enforcement solutions in place, forestalled a crisis, and mollified members of his rabid-left base with salable immigration reform measures like amnesty for the DACA “kids.”

Moderate Joe could have kept the Keystone Pipeline fully operational, avoiding a destructive hit to the cost of doing stateside business. Moderate Joe could have advised restraint regarding the Afghanistan pull-out, and avoided rank complicity in another catastrophic interventionist denouement.

Moderate Joe could have extolled the virtues of the $1-trillion infrastructure package, taken advantage of several RINO photo-ops, and cautioned his party against the overreach of the disastrous $3.5-trillion package, saying something like, “We need to step back, we can’t afford this right now.”

The Joe Biden of old might have stepped to the podium and given his predecessor credit for the COVID vaccine, instead of jumping on the disgraced Anthony “gain-of-function” Fauci (expletive-deleted)-show.

A smart, strategic Biden, with sensible policymakers in his cabinet, looking out for the best interests of his party in 2022, might have been able to coopt some of Trump’s successes, rather than distance himself from any semblance of traditionalist political success.


But no, as John Belushi once said.

No such beneficent outcome was ever in the cards. The list of Biden administration failures fills conservative media segments, talk shows, newsfeeds, and columns each and every day–and reportage about those failures is surfacing in the mainstream media.  Biden has hung himself out on a limb with the seedy Commie underbelly of American political life.

With new GOP state election reforms materializing with each news cycle, predictions about the Dems knowing they will lose seem more credible with each passing week. Here we step back and ask: What can new Republican majorities in Congress actually do to dump the godawful policy, regulatory, and ideological baggage that two years of untrammeled Democrat reign will have saddled on the country?

Writing columns spun at the loom of outrage and determination is relatively easy these days. They damn near write themselves.

Delving in to deep-dive Constitutional and policy realms is another matter altogether. The search “can an incoming Congress reverse rules and laws passed by the preceding Congress” reveals a labyrinth of slow-moving procedural requirements needed to banish the achievements of an opposition party that has been voted out. That old chestnut about how difficult it is to get rid of programs and policies once they are enacted is true. Obamacare (thanks, Senator McCain) is still with us in one form or another.


There is nothing analogous to an executive order on Capitol Hill. Several of the policy papers I skimmed suggest that each and every regulatory facet and fee of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion Green New Deal bill would have to undone individually, using the Congressional Review Act. The process of undoing this Democrat disaster at the federal level between 2022 and 2024 would be a Herculean task.

Theoretically at least (who knows these days?), new Republican majorities in Congress would stop the bleeding. Biden/Harris would stand hobbled for the balance of their terms, while their rabid-left enablers face accusations of killing the golden goose. But much of what they sacrificially accomplished would be challenging to get rid of until the populace elects an America First president willing to wield the executive order like a scythe.

There’s a final doomy scenario that the Morris sources don’t address, at least not publicly, yet. What if, somehow or other, the Democratic Party has already put the fix in? What if all this talk about win-lose strategery is moot? What if the counting houses in the urban centers already have a plan in place to render obsolete any familiar discussions, or prognostications?


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