The Marjorie Taylor Greene Resistance Awards

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Anthony “gain of function” Fauci has precipitously fallen from whatever media-manufactured grace he ever had, and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has made a play to be the arbiter of his final reckoning. The conservative firebrand has introduced legislation on the House floor proposing that Fauci’s generous salary (he makes more than the president) be reduced to zero and that the Senate appoint someone else to fill his position at NIAID. Due to the intricacies of federal hiring practices, the “Fire Fauci Act” will for all intents and purposes be largely symbolic, but serves to conceptually terminate the disgraced director with enough prejudice to reflect accurately his record of questionable decisions and demonstrable lies.


In tribute to Ms. Greene, we (that’s the editorial we, which in this case means: me) present the MTG Resistance Awards, summer 2021.

Resistance to what? To quote Marlon Brando character Johnny Stabler in 1953’s The Wild One, what have you got? There is much to resist, and outrage at and exposure of the policies and proposals of the Biden Left in all its anti-American permutations only goes so far. The time for iron resistance is at hand.

Governor Greg Abbott  

When you talk about laying down a trump card, pun intended, it doesn’t get much better than a state acting to protect its own interests against a federal government spuriously disregarding the interests of the people it supposedly represents. To that end, Governor Abbott is threatening to build his own border wall as a stopgap against the Biden/Harris illegal invasion crisis and humanitarian catastrophe.

Such an action would strengthen precedents that allow states to act on their own behalf on matters that typically fall under Washington’s wheelhouse. Remember back not so long ago when intransigent Republican lawmakers cowardly dodged acting on immigration with the weaselly “It’s the federal government’s job to enforce immigration law”?

Whatever your opinion of Abbott, his courageous proposal that Texas build its own wall helps consign that tired excuse to U.S. history’s ash heap.

Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasley 


Back in the day, vaccines could take years, even decades to be approved for injection into the general public. Thanks to former President Trump and his coronavirus task force, a vaccine against the Chinese Wuhan virus was developed in record time. Millions have lined up to be jabbed.

Mr. Beasley, along with millions of other folks, has declined to receive the injection. Given the fact that the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson&Johnson vaccines did not benefit from a lengthy period of observation and trial, and the fact that the vaccine’s effects on the human body may not be known for years, it is any free citizen’s perfect right to do so. The vaccines have not been approved by the FDA.

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That won’t stop the corporate, bureaucratic, and governmental powers-that-be from exacting penalties on those who decide not to participate in this pandemic-driven grand experiment. The Bills’ organization has already leveled restrictions against the former Cowboy receiver.

Beasley says he’ll live with his decision and its consequences. He will resist. Here’s hoping his performance in the first post-COVID NFL season is his strongest yet.

Newsmax Television  

Where you go when your mission to resist the Democratic Socialists is a waking, sleeping, overriding commitment. This is the network where racist CRT- and BLM-mongers are excoriated, and where patriots like Ms. Greene are afforded respect. The left never gave Trump a chance; Newsmax programming is themed 24/7 in favor of returning the favor to the vacuous Biden and his cabal of Marxists.


There’s a smattering of Democrat voices here and there, and, except for the credible Doug Schoen, they always come across looking ridiculous.  Why wouldn’t they, given the absolute rubbish they have to spew in the wake of 2020’s alleged “election”?

Parents vs. School Boards

Whether the issue is mask mandates devoid of identifiable science, or the insidious insertion of corrosive critical race theory, a salute is warranted for all who come before the ignorantly “woke” school boards and give them hell.

We all know what happens when you threateningly get between parents and their children. These Soros-adherent educational eunuchs have got another thing coming if they think they can get away with turning America’s children into self-loathing, self-identifying racists.

To a significant extent, COVID’s remote learning strictures put subversive “educators” into a fishbowl. They got in line first for the vaccine, then balked at returning to the classroom. They’re back. A legion of involved parents has shown up as well, “for the children.”

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Ashli Babbitt  

It is one of the most horrifying clips from 2020-21’s destructive, Democrat-generated horror show. Babbitt was resisting, and she was on the front lines. She did not deserve to be executed, any more than a Trump-supporting citizen deserved to be executed for attending a Portland rally, or these unfortunates deserved their fates at the hands of an urban mob.


Like many of the reported 70 million who voted for a Donald Trump second term, Babbitt believed that the presidential election was plagued with game-changing irregularities. She acted to protest what she believed was an illegal Democrat usurpation of the right to vote. She was dispatched at point-blank range by what is assumed to be a Capitol security officer who has yet to be identified.

She earned her MTG award by actively resisting what she suspected was Deep State, Democrat Party tyranny.

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Honorable Mention: Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)

Another staunch Republican who, like Greene, was elected with the Class of 2021, Boebert trounced her Trump-endorsed GOP rival in the primary and then sent her Democrat opponent packing 51-45%.

A strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment, Boebert’s signature issue is gun rights. As the American citizenry registers the spike in violent crime in Democrat-run cities, and countenances a malignant leftist call to defund law enforcement and even strip them of legal indemnification, Ms. Boebert is a welcome addition to a House that, if the Democrats continue with their insane overreach and agenda, has a good chance of flipping right in 2022.

Author’s note: While covering the Tea Party revolt in Portland Metro’s Clackamas County in 2009-10, I had the good fortune to meet many engaged and activist Republican women. They were an inspiration: speaking out, calling for action, peacefully demonstrating, and taking time out of busy lives to go to the Salem capital and make conservative voices heard.


Long live the resistance!  




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