President Harris Revisited

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In an entertaining 2021 prediction column, inimitable Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter predicts that while Joe Biden will be inaugurated on 1/20/21, he “will not be president next New Year’s Eve.”


Schlichter leaves open specifics of how his prediction might come true, and did not go on to prognosticate about the obvious upshot of such an eventuality: President Kamala Harris. One suspects he’s keeping his powder dry.

The Brontosaurus in the room as we await critical results from Georgia is whether America is able in the wake of 2020 to get its elections house in order. If not, the political predictions game becomes an exercise in preordained futility.

I attempted a Kamala Warning column on November 30th, but my sense now is that it was too soon. There was real hope then that the obvious rampant fraud perpetrated by the Democrat Deep State media machine might have a good chance to be overturned. We could not have known at that juncture how President Trump’s court challenges—the SCOTUS Pennsylvania and Texas rulings most particularly–would get summarily dismissed. For the entire month of November 2020, millions upon millions of Trumpservatives had absolutely no use for anything that even hinted at a President-elect Joe Biden, let alone a planted usurper like Harris.

Whose Vice President?

My column, chock-full of the warranted “ifs” while considering a Biden presidency, did not benefit from foresight that would have indicated how certain Republicans and the high court would abandon Trump. In addition, too many readers from Rio Linda thought my column headline, “Whose Vice President?” was asking “Who’s Vice President?” They emphatically answered, “Mike Pence!”


Now, with Trump-aligned media like Newsmax shuffling Overturn 2020 stories back to the second and third programming segments, and the path to electoral justice for the president fraught with ever-longer odds, I will reexamine one of the more counterintuitive assertions in my Kamala Warning column: that Harris is so alarmingly radical that it may transpire to be in the best interests of the Right to support keeping Biden propped up at least until the 2022 midterms. By then, the theory goes, a winning majority of Americans will have had a bellyful of Biden and the Democratic Socialists; a 2010-2014 reminiscent shellacking may befall an overreaching Left. Such a Red Wave would go far toward squelching the kind of anti-American transformation surely swirling around in the head of potential President-select Kamala Harris.

The downsides of her ascension are myriad. Even if the GOP holds the Senate today, and running with Schlichter’s prediction of an early Biden exit, Harris could wreak havoc with executive orders, putting Mitch McConnell into permanent defense mode. Frighteningly, with President Harris, Dem control of both Houses of Congress, and Biden either agreeably or coercively ousted, Barack Obama’s transformative America-last designs would be transcended by a high-gear shift into ruinous Marxism.

The idea that this Oakland radical might attain the highest office in the land is of dire concern. Backed by allies like Schumer and Pelosi, Harris’s far-left ideology and proven prosecutorial competence would be unleashed in a perfect political storm. But in dashing off my late November Kamala column, I should probably have devoted more ink to the most alarming question of all: that whether Biden is “president” or is driven out may not matter. It is possible, plausible, probable even that he will have little-to-no influence over the Democrat agenda. In that case, it doesn’t matter whether Harris is VP or president. Over the next four years—again, waiting for Georgia—the extreme-left consolidation of Deep State, open borders, globalist power will inalterably move forward.

Most Americans Know Joe Biden Is a Trojan Horse for the Tyrannical Senator Who Lost the Primary

However, as I posited in my premature Kamala Warning, what if Biden, out of some genetic, generationally-inherent vestige of dormant Americanism, can somehow act as a functionary stopgap against the worst of the extremist-Left’s designs on the stars and stripes? Biden is a known quantity, with American roots. What if he, against all odds, manages somehow to gum up the smooth implementation of the Democratic Socialist works?

Is it possible that the GOP, and even Trumpservatives on the warpath to keep President Trump’s America First vision alive, may wish to hope that Biden is not quite the hollow shell of a man many of them have characterized him to be? That he is capable in the final act of his political career of forestalling the worst of what now looks like a Harris/Biden Administration?

In the irony of ironies, as horrible and wrong as Biden’s “victory” is, as much as we may loathe the way it was achieved and the people who orchestrated it, might it transpire that Kurt Schlichter’s prediction of one-year-and-out for Sleepy Joe is a worst-case scenario?

2022 Prediction: Biden survives at least until the midterms.

2022 Fear: The Brontosaurus in the room is not extinct.

Mark Ellis is Associate Editor at the Northwest Connection, Portland, Oregon’s  only conservative web/print publication. He is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.

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