Final Nails Hammered into the Russia Collusion Hoax

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Raise your hand if you never believed—not for a second. If U.S. citizens were forced by divine authority to be scrupulously honest before God, that number of nonbelievers would include all but the most deluded and/or irreligious among us. Because it is clear now that even the most hatefully partisan players in this sad chapter in American history never believed in the Russia collusion hoax.


It was all so wildly unbelievable, so far-fetched, so intuitively bogus. And yet they ran with it.

It’s difficult even for wordsmiths to find new characterizations for how awful the plot to take down candidate and then President Trump was. How patently unlawful. It is challenging at this late date to find words to express the degree of disillusionment citizens across the nation now harbor toward certain professionals at the highest levels of our world-class law enforcement institutions. Hard to reconcile the existence and promulgation of such a wide-net conspiracy, built around a monolith of lies.

Everybody knows: politics is a contact sport: it’s rough, unforgiving, no-holds-barred. No stone is left unturned in the quest to impugn the opposition. In such an environment, it is difficult to lower the bar in terms of corrupt, scorched-earth magnitude.

But the Deep State has done it. As revealed this week, the bar is as low as it’s ever been. It’s below dirt, un-American and evil.

And the sense now is, thanks to patriots like Attorney General William Barr and Barr-appointed “Crossfire Hurricane” investigator John Durham, that the “dirty cop” appellation often applied by the president to FBI Director James Comey now applies to a mind-boggling circle of FBI and Justice Department entities. And it won’t stop there.


The question has always been: could this plot have gone forward in all of its malign permutations without the knowledge of Barack Obama? Fox News host and radio talker Mark Levin has been rhetorically asking the question for years now, and if there was ever any doubt, which there wasn’t, revelations from this week make it plain for all the world to see. The culpability for this outrage extends right up onto the polished surface of Obama’s Oval Office desk.

Joe Biden must have known too, and thus would be a candidate for a GOP House impeachment on collusion-hoax grounds (among other grounds) the day he takes office.

Yes, as analysts have pointed out again and again: they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win. They thought that this plot and its players would fall under the beneficial shadow of Clinton’s transformative regime. Perhaps they even thought that rewards awaited those who acted with disregard for any concept of ethics, any concerns about legality, any fealty to the votes of the people. There is no doubt today that had Clinton won, Trump-Russia collusion would have been written into left-wing history both as (a) a true thing that happened, and (b) something that must never be looked into again.


Now, and for a long period of time leading up to now, the scandal has been looked into, deeply. The undersides of stones overturned by Barr, Durham, and others are not — contrary to busted-cold Democrat prevaricators — being shone the light of day in a partisan manner. They are being overturned so that this, as the president says, “Will never happen to another president again.”

Raise your hand if you never believed. Now raise your hand if until now, you could never have believed that professionals at the highest levels of our government could perpetrate such an injustice. Many of us will raise our hands twice. We want to believe that no matter how rough, hard-hitting, and low-blow politics is, an inherent sense of fairness comes to the fore when the national electorate has spoken.

In the case of the Russia collusion hoax, something else slithered up out of the mud: a plot to illegally remove a duly-elected president from office. It doesn’t get — and has never gotten — worse than that.

When Rush Limbaugh said in early 2009 that he hoped “Obama would fail,” there was pushback, even from some on the right. We’re supposed to give a new president, even one we didn’t vote for, a chance. With the benefit of hindsight, we see now that Barack Obama’s presidency was the most corrupt in history. And yet, in some significant senses, he did not fail. He was re-elected, and in the final hours of his second term, he very nearly avoided failure again. It is evermore clear now that he oversaw a top-down effort that came within striking distance of destroying the candidate who opposed the woman who would have continued his leftist legacy.


And when Trump won, they never gave him a chance.

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