The Morning Briefing: Obama's Legacy Is President Donald J. Trump

President Barack Obama cries during a press conference to annonce executive actions intended to expand background checks for some firearm purchases and step up federal enforcement of the nation?s gun laws in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, on January 5 2016. Photo by Olivier Douliery/Sipa USA

Good Friday morning!

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president makes an announcement on EU Trade
  • President Trump travels to Bedminster, New Jersey

Barack Obama’s Legacy is President Donald J. Trump

Obama’s cheerleaders are not happy that the former president took some punches at the Democrat circus on Wednesday night.

Former Obama White House officials and allies responded in force Thursday to stress that message after several Democratic contenders criticized the former president in a debate that featured uncharacteristically tough assessments of his policies.

The disparagement of aspects of Obama’s record led to stern warnings that the tactic could backfire on the presidential candidates themselves — and perhaps arm Republicans with ammunition to attack the eventual Democratic nominee next fall.

“Stay away from Barack Obama,” advised Steve Elmendorf, a well-known Democratic lobbyist who worked on John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

I was told it was racist and unpatriotic to criticize Obama. Oh well. On Wednesday, we had the clowns in the debate clown car promising to destroy Obama’s flagship accomplishment, the dreadful Affordable Care Act and complaining about Obama deporting illegal aliens. Fun fact: Obama didn’t really deport as many people as he claimed; his administration counted turning people away at the border as “deportation.”

One reason the Democrats attacked Obama is they need to beat down Sleepy Joe Biden. Another is that they are completely radical lunatics who have been empowered by the media’s favorable coverage of their anti-Trump mania. While Obama was a radical, he was strategic in attempting to appear reasonable and moderate so he could get elected. The media shielded him and softened the landing of his terrible policies. But there’s no room for that these days; each candidate is trying to one-up each other with radical, unpopular wokeness.


“I don’t know why you would attack Barack Obama or his record or any part of him when he’s the most popular person in the party,” Elmendorf added. “And I don’t think it helps for the general election voters, either. I don’t know what they’re thinking.” Is he the most popular person in the party? It seems to me that honor goes to AOC or Ilhan Omar.

Obama’s legacy is President Donald J. Trump. Trump will be the one thing history will remember Obama gave to America: the pink pussy hats, the media meltdowns, a severed Trump head, the RUSSIAN interference with the election that happened on his watch, the impeachment posturing, assaults on college campuses, rampant internet censorship, the constant grievance protests, and the normalization of left-wing political violence. This is Obama’s legacy. This is his transformed America. The usual, polite, delicate gamesmanship of GOP Incorporated would not be enough to combat what Obama and the growing brazen left-wing did to the country and behold, we have Donald J. Trump as the president of the United States.

Democrat Debate Round-Up

Kamala Harris defends record as prosecutor after attack

Bill de Blasio makes fliers wait on tarmac so he can rush to ‘The View’

Audience is shrinking. Second night of CNN Democratic debate draws 10.7M viewers


Gillibrand campaign sells ‘Clorox the Oval Office’ sticker after debate

Gabbard Accuses MSNBC Anchor Of Being Fed Talking Points By Harris’s Team

Yippee. Gun Control Groups to Host Democratic Primary Forum

Comey will not be prosecuted for leaking

James Comey, Twitter personality and fired director of the FBI, will not be prosecuted for leaking classified material, Fox News reports. Are you sensing a pattern here? I sure am. All the people in the Trump orbit get the death penalty for jaywalking and the deep state clowns are let off with book deals and CNN contributorships. The right, when they are (rarely) in a position of power, always plays by the rules and left, since lefties love working for government, come in like a wrecking ball and exact vengeance on their political enemies. While I generally don’t advocate using the force of government to settle scores, we can’t have a country with two sets of standards for its citizens. But that is exactly what we have and this is a recipe for civil unrest.

“Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call,” one official said. “They all thought this could not be prosecuted.” Who cares? Let Comey go bankrupt paying for a lawyer, let him get busted for lying to the FBI with multiple, trick, perjury-trap interviews. Did he file all his paperwork properly? Prosecute! Midnight raids! Solitary confinement! Burn him down.


Comey leaked some memos he wrote to his buddy who leaked them to the media so a special counsel would be appointed. The memos include conversations with President Trump. Some of the information is confidential. How is this not a crime? Comey claims the memos were just personal notes, even though he wrote them on his work computer and summarized a meeting he had as part of his job as FBI Director. Come on now.


Matt Gaetz: Trump-Russia collusion narrative not the crime, but the ‘cover-up’

Here Are 5 Big Holes in Mueller’s Work

Other morsels:

Gertz: Real Election Meddling Threat From China, Not Russia

Waste of taxpayer dollars. Ilhan Omar trolls Trump with tweet about Africa visit, weeks after ‘send her back’ chant

Trump says he’ll put 10% tariffs on remaining China imports

States purge millions of voters: report

Sh!thole city. Pelosi defends Baltimore, her childhood home, against Trump’s attacks

Trump to sanction Russia over chemical weapons use

Awful. RFK’s granddaughter identified as overdose victim at Kennedy compound

US preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan as part of proposed Taliban deal

FBI Warns Conspiracy Theories Are a Domestic Terror Threat

An Amazon driver theft ring sold stolen goods for 6 years, raked in millions in sales


Rep. Will Hurd, only black Republican in House, won’t seek reelection

Google summit on climate change attended by stars in private jets, mega yachts slammed as ‘hypocritical’

Manhattan DA subpoenas Trump Organization and AMI in Stormy Daniels hush money investigation

Saudi Arabian women finally allowed to hold passports and travel independently

Baltimore pushes back against Trump while acknowledging problems

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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