The Morning Briefing: Candidates Sell Socialist-Flavored Kool-Aid at Debate

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Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump has lunch with the Secretary of Defense
  • The president participates in a fundraising committee reception
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again rally

So how was that second debate?

I watched the debate for 30 minutes before I fell asleep. Did you watch? When I woke up this morning, I tuned into my debate recording so I could deliver my Morning Briefing for you. I need to bleach my brain like Gillibrand wants to bleach the Oval Office if she is elected president. SPOILER: She won’t be.

Here’s what you need to know. The main targets were Biden and Harris. There are a bunch of rando white guys that need to get cut from the lineup and a bunch of other bottom crawlers that tried to get in some zingers to improve their lot who also need to get lost. Biden did okay and that’s all he needed to do. Kamala managed to maintain too, but didn’t seem to stand out like the first debate when she told her busing yarn. “That girl was me!” Harris tried to go after Biden and Biden was prepared to fend off the attacks. The internet was all abuzz because a mic caught Biden calling Harris “kid” when the two walked on stage. Is there any limit to how petty and self-hating these lefties are? Biden said “Go easy on me, kid” and all the grievance mongers were off to the races.

The one candidate who distinguished herself was Tulsi Gabbard, who also happened to be the most googled candidate after the debate. I would never vote for her, but Tulsi is my favorite. Remember, she resigned from the DNC after she figured out that the committee was rigging the primary process against Bernie Sanders. Tulsi really smacked Harris hard last night on her record as CA attorney. Harris prosecuted and jailed plenty of the people whom she claims to be fighting for now. Tulsi said Kamala owed them an apology.


What was served for the debate dinner? Same things as last night because there is really no difference between the candidates. The most important thing to these jokers is getting rid of Trump and they are counting on people who hate Trump to vote for them no matter what lunatic policies they are pushing. If you think about it, it’s a smart strategy: desperate people make rash decisions and the deranged anti-Trump folks are desperate to get rid of Trump. If the cost is open borders, health care for illegal immigrants, an alarmist “climate change” policy that will wipe out loads of American jobs, forcing people out of their preferred healthcare plans in favor of one administered by postal workers, raising taxes, taxpayer-subsidized abortion, post-birth abortion and getting back in bed with Iran, so be it. As I wrote yesterday, the only question that matters in this election is whether people hate Trump more than than they hate these whacked-off policies. If it weren’t for this media-Democrat manufactured Orange Man Bad crisis, people wouldn’t swallow the radical, left-wing policy crap so easily. G-d help us.

A quick word about Cory Booker: Booker was mayor of Newark, truly a disgusting, rat-infested hell hole. Unfortunately, I have been to the scariest place on the planet and that place is the Newark train station. True story. How exactly did he improve the city during his tenure as mayor? What success can the voters look at as an example for how he will improve America? That’s right, so shut up Cory.


Debate roundup:

Booker Hits Biden for Dodging Question on Mass Deportations During Obama Admin

Harris Dismisses Gabbard Attack: I’m a ‘Top-Tier Candidate,’ She’s at ‘Zero or One Percent’

Protesters call for firing of cop accused of killing Eric Garner as de Blasio takes debate stage

Trump defends treatment of migrants at border following criticism at Democratic debate

This is awesome. Democrats Promise To Kill Coal Industry In CNN Debate

Biden Says America Can’t Take Eight More Years Of Trump

Democrats Call Any Criticism Of Their Proposals A ‘Republican Talking Point’

She’s funny. Kirsten Gillibrand says first act as president would be to ‘Clorox the Oval Office’

‘Go easy on me, kid’: Joe Biden’s line to Kamala Harris gets reaction from her campaign

Meghan McCain blasts de Blasio during debate: ‘Everyone hates you’

Booker praises protesters who interrupted his remarks to chant, ‘Fire Pantaleo’

Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris on her record as California prosecutor during second debate

CNN asks about Mueller probe on Night 2 after taking heat for skipping it on Night 1

Gillibrand says she can explain white privilege to suburban white women who backed Trump

Tulsi Gabbard goes after Harris’ record

4 heckler outbursts, 13 Obama mentions: Data points from Detroit debate No. 2

Booker and Biden get in heated clash over criminal justice: ‘You’re dipping into the Kool-Aid’


Harris admits people would be ‘taken off’ employer’s private insurance under her health care plan

Is this is ATM passcode? Biden tells supporters to ‘go to Joe 30330’ — a website not affiliated with his campaign

Don’t click, it was Tulsi. Google reveals most-searched candidate during Wednesday debate

‘You owe them an apology’: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard takes aim at Sen. Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor during 2020 Democratic debate

Other morsels:

Navy revokes awards given to prosecutors in Navy SEAL court-martial

Ben Carson Holds Press Conference In Baltimore: ‘We Have A Job To Do Here’

Russian Embassy: Trump offers Putin help in fighting Siberian wildfires

China is blaming the US for the Hong Kong protests. Can that really be true?

They are really trying to make this RUSSIA-Mitch connection. Disclosures: 2 Fmr McConnell Staffers Lobbied for Project Funded by Russian Oligarch’s Co.

Nearly 30% of food delivery drivers munch on your food in the car, study says

Judge signals he plans to block NY from handing over Trump tax returns for now

I wish the CNN moderators asked this question during the debate. Viral math problem baffles many on Internet: Can you solve 8÷2(2+2)?

Abolish ICE! ICE’s most wanted alleged human-trafficker nabbed in Michigan

Man fires a gun in a Kentucky national park after he claims he saw Bigfoot, couple says


Mario Lopez apologizes for remarks on gender identity

Trump administration announces plan to lower drug prices

Former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza believed to be dead, US officials say

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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