The Morning Briefing: Trump Nominates XX to SCOTUS and Much, Much More

President Donald J. Trump claps as he stands with the family of Brett Kavanaugh in the White House on July 9th, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Alex Edelman/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • President Trump and the first Lady head to Brussels, Belgium.

Trapped Thai soccer team: (As of 4amET)


Divers begin final push to rescue remaining boys, coach in Thailand cave

Trump picks Kavanaugh

I think this sums up the coming SCOTUS battle nicely:

Yesterday, President Trump announced that he will nominate Brett Kavanaugh to fill retiring Justice Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court. You can learn about Kavanaugh here. His lovely family, soon to be trashed and violated, was present for the big 9 p.m. announcement. Kavanaugh made a nice speech that didn’t matter because he won’t be judged according to any abilities or judicial attitudes he has, only according to the person who nominated him. Expert-level trolling from the Trump folks last night, who forced the press to walk past a portrait of Hillary Clinton to enter the East Room for the announcement.

During the Gorsuch pick, reporters had been walked through the front colonnade of the mansion. This pick was different. The large gaggle of reporters were walked through the bowels of the service area, past some recycling and trash compactors and directly past Hillary Clinton’s portrait hanging in the White House first floor hallway.

Lunatics gathered outside the SCOTUS last night to flex their hysteria and ran off Fox News’ Shannon Bream while she was reporting.


Classy behavior from left as usual. Always supporting women.

Conservatives will launch a $1.4M campaign to overcome the slander and lies the left will spread to whip people into a frenzy. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell will meet with Kavanaugh today. Has Roe been overturned yet?


Conservatives applaud President Trump’s SCOTUS pick, liberals are stunned and angry

Cuomo signs executive order to protect reproductive rights before Trump’s Supreme Court nomination

Stormy Daniels was stripping near the White House as Trump was making Kavanaugh pick

How a private meeting with Kennedy helped Trump get to ‘yes’ on Kavanaugh

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Kavanaugh Is ‘Very Confirmable’

Sen. Cory Booker Calls Trump’s SCOTUS Pick A ‘Constitutional Crisis’

LULZ Tapper: Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Was A ‘Political Operative’

I AM SOLD Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Allegedly Called Hillary Clinton the B-Word

Santorum on Kavanaugh: Trump bowed to elite

Trump’s Supreme Court pick weighed in on 2 thorny issues that could be pertinent to the president

Heitkamp, Manchin, Donnelly Reject Invitations To White House To Meet Supreme Court Nominee


Kavanaugh’s nomination leaves red state Democrats with dilemma of a lifetime – betray their party or voters?

Historical picture of the day:

Senator George McGovern, D-S.D., receives a stuffed donkey on his arrival at the Doral Hotel in Miami, Fla., July 10, 1972. McGovern will be named the presidential nominee at the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami. The woman at right is unidentified. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

Judge dismisses most of Trump administration lawsuit over California immigration laws

Chelsea Handler Says Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Could ‘Benefit From Being Held In Cages’

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page fighting congressional deposition

TSA agents going after snacks more than ever; Travelers are not happy

‘Those are stupid people’: Trump reportedly tried to calm Putin after he complained that White House officials were trying to stop them from speaking

The first words of Thai boys rescued from the cave were that they miss their homes

U.S. to reunite only half of young migrant children by Tuesday deadline

Politico: Is Sasse gearing up for a 2020 presidential bid?

ND-Sen: Democrat incumbent faces reality of losing seat as race re-classified to ’tilt Republican’

Protesters Target Amazon For Selling Tech To ICE

Pelosi Forgets McConnell’s Name In Interview

Passengers Shocked To See Bill, Hillary Flying Coach — Reminded That Neither Are President


Pompeo makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Iranian teen arrested for dancing on Instagram

Gun-toting man who stormed church tackled by worshippers

Pro-Trump Prosecutor Under Fire After Calling Maxine Waters ‘Loud-Mouthed C*** in the Ghetto’

Fmr White House Ethics Lawyer Files Complaint Against Rep. Jim Jordan for Alleged Lies About Sex Abuse

ISIS ‘capital’ captured in Afghanistan, over 160 fighters killed by US, Afghan troops

Candace Owens challenges ESPN star Jemele Hill to racism debate, says Dems use her to ‘paralyze blacks with undue fear’

Trump reportedly wants his staffers to be more confrontational when they’re heckled over his policies in public

AWFUL Kellyanne Conway’s husband: I give my wife a ‘harder time’ about working for Trump than she gets walking down the street

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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