The Morning Briefing: Election Day, RUSSIA, Guns and Much, Much More

Republican Rick Saccone, right, and Donald Trump Jr., tour Sarris Candies during a campaign stop, Monday, March 12, 2018, in Canonsburg, Pa. Saccone is running against Democrat Conor Lamb in a special election being held on March 13 for the PA 18th Congressional District vacated by Republican Tim Murphy. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Good Tuesday morning.

Here’s what is on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president departs for San Diego, CA
  • President Trump reviews border wall prototypes
  • The president delivers remarks to members of the military
  • President Trump travels to Los Angeles for a private residence
  • The president participates in a roundtable with Republican National Committee supporters

A word on the special election in Pennsylvania: There is a special election today in Pennsylvania between a sleepy Republican candidate and a moderate Democrat who appears far more conservative than the progressive nutters fighting to take back the House in other races around the country. We are told that these are “litmus tests” for the #resistance but it will only be a litmus test if the Democrat wins. If the Republican wins, the race will be forgotten. My prediction: no idea, it’s a toss-up.

House Intelligence Committee is done with its RUSSIA investigation

The House Intelligence Committee has wrapped up its RUSSIA investigation and is working on a report. The report found that there was no “collusion” between RUSSIA and the Trump camp.

According to [Rep. Mike] Conaway, the draft report is 150 pages, draws on 73 witness interviews and over 300,000 documents and also agrees with the intelligence community assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. He says it notably disputes the assertion from several intelligence agencies that Russian President Vladimir Putin preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton and raises questions about the accuracy of the underlying intelligence behind the intelligence community’s determination.

“We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment,” he said. “But only Tom Clancy … could take this series of inadvertent contacts with each other, meetings, whatever, and weave it into some sort of fiction, page-turner, and spy thriller.”



California Democrat and leaker of information from the intelligence committee Rep. Adam Schiff said, “By ending its oversight role in the only authorized investigation in the House, the majority has placed the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country, and history will judge its actions harshly.”

The Democrats will not be happy with anything less than a finding of “guilty” on all investigatory fronts no matter what. None of the Democrats are undertaking a good faith investigation of what kind of influence the RUSSIANS had on our 2016 presidential election. The entire RUSSIA collusion theory is merely a PR effort and a tool to undermine the president and foment discord in America, which is, coincidentally, also what the RUSSIANS want. Neither Schiff nor any other Democrats have produced evidence of a partnership between the Trump campaign and RUSSIA, no matter how many times they hit the media and pretend that they have. It’s a simple question: what was the product of this purported partnership between Trump and RUSSIA? No Democrat can answer that.

A Democratic source, which is undoubtedly Schiff or one of his staffers, complained that the Republicans did not tell the Democrats they were done with the investigation. This makes sense since Schiff leaks everything to the media and he can’t be trusted.


In another sign of the partisan tensions, the committee’s top Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, had not been told as of midafternoon Monday that Republicans planned to end the witness interview portion of the Russia investigation, according to a Democratic source.

Two committees in the Senate are still investigating RUSSIAN election interference, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Guns under fire

Here’s a superfun op-ed in the WaPo titled “Gun rights are about keeping white men on top.” In the op-ed, we get a “history” lesson about how guns = power. But the author doesn’t quite get it. Guns do equal power, that’s why minority communities should fight for their 2A rights in their garbage, anti-gun Democrat-run cities instead of trying to take the guns away from the people smart enough to elect representation that respects their firearm rights.

It was this culmination of their worst nightmares that the Founders had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. Their “right to bear arms” was the right of white men to exercise authority over black men and women by violent means if necessary, and their right to a “well regulated Militia” was the right to do so in large groups.

Uh, ok, that was the main issue on the founders’ minds when they wrote the Constitution: keeping the black man down. Not taxes or religious liberty, but racial oppression. But the RKBA isn’t racially or gender-limited. If you don’t like that the white guy has a hunting rifle, fight for your right to have one too.


Eminem took a shot at the NRA at an iHeartRadio performance over the weekend. Courageous.

“This whole country is going nuts, and the NRA is our way/They’re responsible for this whole production/They hold the strings, they control the puppet/And they threaten to take donor bucks/So they know the government won’t do nothing and no one’s budging/Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons/They love their guns more than our children,” rapped Eminem.

Here’s something new: Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants people who lie on their firearm background check forms to be prosecuted. Former AG Eric Holder, who preferred that only Mexican narco-terrorists have high-powered weaponry, wasn’t really interested in prosecuting these folks. It’s a felony to lie on a 4473 form, by the way.

Sessions directed federal prosecutors to “swiftly and aggressively” prosecute cases involving individuals who are barred from obtaining a firearm, and who fail to tell the truth on a government form needed to pass a background check.

And here’s something you won’t hear in the mainstream media: the gunman who killed three at a veterans home had his gun permit revoked months prior.

A gunman, who killed three innocent women at a California veterans home, had his gun permit revoked several months before the shooting took place, according to a Monday report.

Very sad. The shooter murdered three people. Christine Loeber, 48, was the executive director of the veterans home. Jennifer Golick, 42, was a clinical director, and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba, 32, was a clinical psychologist with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.



NRA Files Suit Challenging Florida Gun Control Law

Ted Cruz’s opponent: We should ban AR-15s and I don’t give a sh*t what the NRA thinks

“Bad Penny” roundup:

Watch: Hillary Nearly Falls Down Stairs Twice In India

Clinton Blames Her Loss on White Women Listening to Their Husbands

Historical picture of the day:

A line of 411th Infantrymen of the U.S. Seventh Army take positions along a hedgerow by a railroad embankment in Alsace, France on March 13, 1945, as geese wander about unconcerned by imminent hostilities. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

Austin rocked by 3rd explosion in 11 days

Lawsuit saying Home Depot tricks buyers of 4X4 lumber is deep-sixed

Trump kills tech buyout over national security concerns

NFL Linebacker Pleads Not Guilty to Biting Woman

Heather Locklear charged with battery against first responders

Rumors of possible Supreme Court vacancy could fire up Republican base, experts say

Sources: VA secretary and Trump at odds

Surprise! Spy and his daughter were attacked with ‘military-grade nerve agent’ developed by Russia

Bill Kristol to speak at NH event that typically hosts potential presidential candidates

DC residents threaten to boycott distillery over DeVos investment

Entire Greek soccer league shuts down after team owner charges the field with his gun

Tim Scott Tells ‘Communities Of Color’ To Celebrate Trump Tax Cuts As Black Unemployment Continues To Drop

Flippy the burger-flipping robot temporarily shut down after one day


Mystery $560 million Powerball winner can remain a mystery, judge rules

College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only two genders

Fashion designer Givenchy dies at age 91

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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