Shrink It and Pink It: Some Offerings for the Ladies at the NRA Exhibit Hall

The NRA has a massive exhibit hall at its annual meeting, filled with products from firearms dealers and businesses in the firearms industry. Every year I wander around looking at the new products and take note of the items available for the ladies. I’m not sure why the industry thinks that if it makes something pink, it will sell to the women folk. Perhaps it’s cheaper than manufacturing a gun with a grip for a smaller hand or a shotgun with a stock that has a length of pull shorter than 14 1/2 inches.


Here I’ve collected some of the pinkier offerings I am putting in my pink firearms Hall of Shame.


This 9mm pink and purple monstrosity is from Hi-Point Firearms. It’s obviously for women because it’s pink and purple. You can also purchase the gun in black or camo…if you are a man.


That paint-splattered hot mess in the middle is a rifle from Mossberg. See a closeup of the paint-splattered pattern on the next page.


Holy 1980s! I had a sweatshirt with the same pattern when I was kid. I’d hoped the pattern was banished from polite company but it’s making a comeback. On a rifle.



This stock from Boyds has two problems. First, it is pink and ugly; and second, it’s a thumb hole stock also known as a “butt hole” stock. And look how long that stock is — it’s way too long to fit a woman, who I imagine they think will buy this so she can shoot a pink rifle.


This pink “camo” vest is pretty useless if you actually need to be camouflaged. Women hunters need to be camouflaged for real. How about making some camo products that are actually camouflaged in women’s sizes?


This gun isn’t just pink, it’s for “Mamas!” The grip actually says “Mama Bear” on it.  The company explains it’s “the ideal choice for protection when your maternal instincts kick in,” but I bet that thing kicks…hard when you pull the trigger. Ouch.




Charter Arms’ “Chic Lady” revolver comes with a faux pink or lavender alligator carrying case.

Here’s the case:

I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying this pink case nor have I ever seen any woman at any gun club with a pink gun or a with a pink gun case.

Women are a growing part of the shooting community, but it is not the pink attire or pink firearms that draw them there. If the industry wants them to stay and spend their money, make firearms and accessories for smaller hands, and shorter arms, and smaller bodies.


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