Poll: Americans Prefer Cheap Prices to Items 'Made in the U.S.A.'

We have been hearing plenty of political talk on trade issues, especially from candidate Donald Trump, who promises to move jobs back to the U.S. and slap tariffs on imported goods. But are American consumers interested in the accompanying price hikes that come with such a policy change? It doesn’t look like it.


New poll results released by AP-GfK show that 71 percent of Americans say they “would like to buy items made in the United States, but they are often too costly or difficult to find.”

And when the survey got specific, people were consistent with their economic beliefs.

When asked, “Say that you were buying a new pair of pants, and had the option to purchase one made in another country for $50, or one that was made in the United States for $85. Which would you be more likely to purchase?” more than two-thirds (67%) answered: “The cheaper pair of pants made in another country” while 30 percent said they would purchase the more expensive pants made in the United States.”

However, more people want to pay cheaper prices than believe free trade agreements are good for the economy.  Only 33 percent said that free trade was good for the economy and 37 percent said they make no difference.

How much is too much to pay for goods made in the USA? Are you willing to pay more money for items manufactured here?


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