Democrat Superdelegates Include Lobbyists, Party Insiders

The public is finally catching on to the Democratic superdelegate racket, and certainly Bernie Sanders’ supporters are.

The Democratic Party has some “special sauce” they add to the main course of voter preference for their presidential nominee. A group of politicians and elite members of the party get a say — a big say — as to who gets the party nod for president:


[T]his group, which consists of 21 governors, 40 senators and 193 representatives, only makes up about a third of the superdelegates. Many of the remaining 463 convention delegates are establishment insiders who get their status after years of donations and service to the party. Dozens of the 437 delegates in the DNC member category are registered federal and state lobbyists, according to an ABC News analysis.

That ABC News analysis claims one in seven superdelegates is a former or current registered lobbyist:

That’s at least 67 lobbyists who will attend the convention as superdelegates.

And 41 lobbyist superdelegates, almost six in 10 of all lobbyist superdelegates, have already committed to supporting Clinton. A third haven’t yet revealed a preference. Two have stated that they are supporting Bernie Sanders.

However, the Democrats continue to deny the power of the superdelegate:

The creation of superdelegates is not a new thing. They were created over thirty years ago. The superdelegates themselves are Democratic leaders like governors, members of Congress, and party officials … We ensure these leaders have a voice in our convention outside of the primary and caucus process: Unpledged delegates mean interested voters don’t have to run against elected officials to attend the Democratic National Convention. As a result of this inclusive process, each state’s delegation is comprised of a diverse group of citizens.


As if attending the convention was the most important thing the process of nominating a president — rather than, say, respecting the voice of the people. The real purpose of the superdelegate is to reward party cronyism and to overrule the will of the voters in case it deviates from the party elites’ interests.

To his credit, RNC Chair Reince Priebus gave a similar statement to ABC News:

The Democrat superdelegate system is a corrupt process designed to let insiders and lobbyists overturn the will of voters.

Should it come down to the superdelegates, the Democrats will be nominating a fellow insider under FBI investigation, and viewed so unfavorably that she couldn’t defeat a 74-year old self-avowed Socialist at the ballot box.



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