I Must Report You, Comrade: Michigan AG Accused of Sending 'Coded Messages' About Biden

Todd McInturf/Detroit News via AP, File

One of the hallmarks of a totalitarian government, either established or nascent, is the propensity of its denizens to rat one another out. For example, I learned during a church mission trip to Cambodia that members of the Khmer Rouge often found themselves incarcerated in the very cells they used to guard because someone accused them of treason, wrong-think, or some other crime. For another excellent example, read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s unnerving account in "The Gulag Archipelago" of the man who was unguarded enough to be the first person to stop clapping after one of Stalin's speeches.


Such behavior is not relegated to dictatorships helmed by evil men with mustaches. It has happened here from time to time. Witness the internet sleuths who went on the hunt for suspected J6 participants or those who turned in neighbors or family members for "treason."

Some of this can be chalked up to the fact that people can, by nature, be rotten. When we say that we live in a "fallen world," we mean that sin has the ability to pollute everything and everyone. In some cases, this behavior is the product of ambition and a desire to secure a better spot in the party ecosystem. Other times, it may be the result of fear. Talk to anyone who has studied the history of the Soviet Union. If they are a responsible scholar, they will tell you stories about people living in terror when they heard boots on the stairs of their apartment building and wondered if the police had finally come for them. On other occasions, it is the natural result of chaos. 

Dana Nessel is Michigan's Democratic attorney general. Newsweek notes that recently, Nessel responded to an X post by soccer player Alex Morgan. Morgan had just turned 35 and expressed her disappointment that she had not been selected for the U.S. team for the Olympics. Nessel wrote, "I adore Alex Morgan. One of the greatest of all time. But she's aged significantly from her prime playing days & gracefully accepted that in order to win the gold, it was time to pass the baton."


No one wants to hear a comment about their age, and I would assume that athletes are particularly sensitive to that issue. However, Nessel became the object of ire not because of that observation but because she was sending "coded messages" about Joe Biden. Or so her accusers claimed. Some of the responses included:

Alex Morgan can still run circles around most people. If you want to call out Biden, just do it!"

 Can we all please just say what we mean, clearly, out loud, with conviction, in public, so that we can move on from this?

Journalist Ryan Saavedra commented:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) appears to take a passive-aggressive shot at President Joe Biden but botches it. She suggests that Alex Morgan 'gracefully accepted' that she shouldn't play anymore in order for the team to win. That's not what happened. Morgan was not picked and she responded by saying she was "disappointed" by the decision. Many were shocked by the decision to not pick her. She said she would still support the team.

Liam Donovan, a government relations strategist, quipped, "What is it with Michigan pols and coded tweets?"

Clearly, the Democrats, both the public figures and members of the rank-and-file, are in panic mode right now, And they have good reasons to be panicked. It was only a matter of time before they turned their guns on one another. But it won't last. As Megyn Kelly noted on her Monday podcast, many observers contended that France was about to have a conservative government. In the end, enough people, for one reason or another, could not get on board with that idea. And there is no reason to assume that while the future presently appears bright for U.S. conservatives, it will stay that way. Chaos may rule now, or it may appear to rule now. But the Left has not yet begun to plot. Democrats will find a way to put this panic to an effective use. 




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