Justice Alito Has a Stark Warning for College Grads

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It is now an aged joke among those on the right that last month's conspiracy theories are this month's headlines. I humbly add to that maxim: "The present left-wing tantrums will become future regrets."  


Earlier today, Chris wrote about the fact that PJ Media, along with a host of other conservative outlets was on a list of dangerous "pro-Israel" sites, at least according to someone on X. Another user opined that the list would come in handy when it came time for prosecuting people for genocide. 

X is a haven for all sorts of people who feel the need to vomit threats and propaganda and who remain willfully ignorant of the consequences of the policies they support. People like this likely cheered at the news that New York AG Letitia James was singling out pro-life pregnancy centers in that state, threatening legal action over alleged "misrepresentations" about the abortion reversal pill. As you can read in Chris's piece, they have their hit list. They are cheering the chaos and destruction on college campuses and waiting with bated breath for the fundamental transformation of America to be complete. 

It is commencement season. I don't even remember who the speaker was at my college graduation, but I likely would have remembered had it been a Supreme Court Justice.* Justice Samuel Alito gave the address at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio on Saturday. He had a stark warning for the graduates, which those posters on X and by the aspiring terrorists on campuses and across the nation should heed.


The Washington Examiner had excerpts from Alito's address:

Right now in the world outside this beautiful campus, troubled waters are slamming against some of our most fundamental principles. Support for freedom of speech is declining dangerously. Very few colleges live up to that ideal. This place is one of them … but things are not that way out there in the broader world.

Freedom of religion is also imperiled. When you venture out into the world, you may well find yourself in a job or community, or a social setting when you will be pressured to endorse ideas you don’t believe, or to abandon core beliefs. It will be up to you to stand firm.

You can watch part of the speech below:

Note his comment about the founders: "They did not expect the Americans who would populate the new republic they were creating to be self-centered individuals obsessed only with achieving the maximum satisfaction of their individual desires." 

Sound familiar?

While I have occasionally been excoriated for my liberal past, I will say that it gives me a very visceral understanding of progressivism that cradle conservatives do not have. One thing I learned long before I came to terms with it, is that the movement, even at the grass-roots level is motivated by the elements Alito mentions above. These people expect to be offered the positions of privilege reserved only for those miles above them. 


These progressives will be surprised one day to learn that totalitarians expect complete obedience from everyone no matter what flag they were waving the day the tanks rolled into town. Their surprise will only be heightened when they find themselves placed in the Gulags they thought they were building for someone else.

*When I earned my graduate degree Donald Trump gave the address. But we had just moved and it was too expensive to fly across the country.


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