Muslim Group to Biden: 'Ceasefire by 5PM Tuesday or We Walk'

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If the stakes were not so high in Israel and the situation was not so tragic, and if Joe Biden were not at least the titular president of the United States, it would almost be worth a chuckle or two. But the stakes are almost too high to measure for a moment of comedy, and while Biden is clearly not in charge, his handlers must certainly be vexed, if nothing else. 


On Monday, the National Muslim Democratic Council sent the administration a letter. In essence, Biden has until 5 p.m. Eastern tonight to force Israel into a ceasefire with Hamas. If not, it could cost him at the polls. The council claims that the voters' trust in Biden has been "eroded" by the administration's support and the "funding of armaments."

And the council maintains that this is no idle threat. The council promises to mobilize Muslim Arab and "allied" voters to withhold any endorsements, support, and even votes from candidates who did not call for a ceasefire "and endorse (sic) the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people." There is no mention of the October 7 attacks and as Just the News pointed out, the letter contains nothing about Hamas. 

The council noted that in 2020, in Michigan, which is home to a sizable Muslim population, the election was decided by a margin of 2.6%, and that the state has 16 electoral votes. Aside from Michigan, the council is also holding Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee over Biden's head. In addition to the ceasefire, the council is also demanding the establishment of a "human aid corridor," an end to what it calls the siege that is depriving people of basic human necessities, and the weaponization of water. The council also wants all communication channels in the area to be restored. The letter closes with "It has become evident that our voices are being ignored, but our votes will not be. Simply put, as Gaza turns red, so could crucial battleground states."


First, tell that to the Israelis. If one were to hand them copies of that letter, they might use them to blow their noses. That is, of course, if they did not use them for bathroom tissue. Netanyahu has no intention of standing down, and there is no way Joe Biden could convince him to do so. I have chickens in my backyard with more political clout than Biden or his administration, and everyone knows it. Well, they would know it if they knew my chickens, but you get the point. Polling numbers aside, this is an administration that is in such disarray, that when Biden took a pass on putting his name on the ticket for the New Hampshire primary in the name of optics, the Democrats there launched him as a write-in candidate. The sitting POTUS, as a write-in candidate. It's a wonder the Principality of Seborga hasn't declared war on us yet, just for the heck of it. At this point, they could probably take us. 

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Second, the Democrat party has nothing to worry about. Blue voters will still vote blue, no matter what is going on in and around Israel. They will still marshal their hatred of Donald Trump or whoever replaces him, shout their abortions, live their truths, remove or attach whatever body parts they are enamored of that day, and vote against the Republicans. It isn't as if the National Muslim Democratic Council is going to start registering voters for the GOP just out of spite or in the name of retaliation. They may call for voters to stay home, though I doubt anyone will. But Biden, already foundering with his own party, and the down-ticket candidates may find a fight they did not want or anticipate.



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