Ilhan Omar Doubles Down on Hamas

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If you aren’t already red-lining today, read Stephen Green’s column “The Colonization of the West (Or Killers in Our Midst).” There’s quite a bit to digest in the piece, and you will find that difficult to do. Not the least distressing element of the piece is the fact that there are people in the U.S. and the West who are simply ecstatic over Saturday’s events. I’m going to swipe one of the tweets he posted in the piece.


Do you see the sign that the white liberals are waving? The one that says, “By any means necessary?” Any means? Either these people have been thoroughly indoctrinated and have no clue about what transpired in Israel on Saturday, or they do have a clue and they just don’t care. Having been a former white liberal (former liberal, that is; I’m still white), I understand the algorithm involved in virtue signaling for social Scooby snacks.

Since members of that demographic get their news from the New York Times or TikTok, depending on their age, one can see the process that led them into the tank for Hamas. They are completely unaware of the history and circumstances surrounding Palestine, and even if they are, they have filed that information under “Right Wing Lies.”

Members of Congress have access to things like briefings and access to news that the rest of the unwashed progressive herd may not. So there is no way that someone in the Marble Mafia is out of the loop in terms of the horrors that unfolded in Israel this weekend. But Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) went all in for Hamas, and, of course, she blamed Israel. American Wire News had the tweets Omar unleashed in the wake of the attacks.


War crimes. As opposed to what happened on Saturday?

The backlash was swift and severe. Omar was roundly and justly savaged for views. Is Omar one of the ones who is fully aware of the savagery of Hamas and just does not care? That’s where the smart money is. Forget for a moment the fact that the situation concerning Palestine and Israel has entire elements that the Left has continually ignored and censored. Forget that the misery Palestinians endure is because of Hamas’ raging fixation on violence, terrorism, and war. Ask the raging progressive in your life the following questions:

  • Do you condone the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians?
  • Do you condone the murder of children, including the beheading of infants?
  • Do you condone raping women until they bleed?
  • Do you condone parading a woman’s dead body in the streets?
  • Do you condone setting people on fire?
  • Do you condone the mass murder of concertgoers?
  • Do you condone abducting children and holding them hostage?

Don’t let them equivocate or pontificate. These are yes-or-no questions. If the answer to any of those questions is anything but “no,” then you know what they value and who they are.



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