Nazis at Walt Disney World? USA Today Desperately Wants You to Think So.

(AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

Back in the days when there was still a thin veneer of legitimacy over the mainstream media outlets, people I knew in the advertising business referred to USA Today as the “McPaper.” The name referred to the fact that like McDonald’s, copies of the paper were everywhere and while mildly entertaining, were utterly bereft of any useful content. Unlike a good wine, the McPaper has not improved with age.


Sunday the McPaper breathlessly reported that a group of 15 people gathered outside the entrance to Walt Disney World on Saturday with Nazi flags and Ron DeSantis signs. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office dispatched two deputies to the scene. There were no arrests, and two counter-protestors showed up.

Only two?

Where was Antifa? Where was BLM? Where were the people with rainbow flags? Where were the angry college students? Shouldn’t there have been chanting, homemade signs and shields, bricks, bats, and people in black? This should have been a regular donnybrook. Instead, the McPaper apparently got one quote from an actual witness who said, “Good lord, what is this world coming to? What is Florida — what is America coming to? We don’t want this going on.”

So where was everybody? Well, I’m not a detective, and I don’t play one on TV. But if I were a betting man I would put my money on the idea that the Leftists were indeed there. I estimate that there were about 17 of them: 15 “DeSantis Nazis” and two counter-protestors. I humbly submit that much like the Disney parks, the event was staffed by Leftist cast members to create the magical illusion that DeSantis and conservatives, in general, are Nazis. I’m surprised they didn’t break into a rendition of “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Fascist’s Life for Me,” or “It’s A White World, After All.”


As Twitchy pointed out, the McPaper didn’t interview any of the protestors or try to identify them for future retribution. And Twitchy was not the only one who noticed:

Furthermore, I can see the local TV stations converging on this, but let’s be brutally honest. Who in the hell calls USA Today with a hot news tip? Nobody reads USA Today for important news. I’m not sure why anyone reads USA Today at all. I don’t think hotels even leave a complimentary copy outside your room anymore. The only explanation is that the protesters wanted to make sure the media was there, even if it was the McPaper.


No serious person is buying this, not even the McPaper, but the hope was that the subscribers who like their journalism with a side of fries and a cherry shake would buy it. And some probably did. However, the nation, despite the best efforts of our supreme overlords is drifting right, so I guess the Left has to get their Nazis wherever it can find them. Even from within its own ranks.



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